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How To Use TikTok To Market Your Business

September 2022

TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to create short videos. It was founded in 2016, with the intention of providing an alternative to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. TikTok has had many famous users and uses including Kylie Jenner and Will Smith. The platform offers a unique opportunity for brands to reach out to their target audience and market effectively on Tiktok by using strategies such as contests, influencer marketing, and sponsored ads. In this article, we will show you how to use TikTok to effectively market your business and reach your target audience.

Understanding the TikTok ‘For You’ page algorithm.

There are a few things you should know about TikTok’s algorithm. First, it is based on your user behavior and how much you engage with other users and content on the app. The more you interact with people on TikTok, the higher up on the “For You” page you will appear for other users who follow similar accounts to yours.

Second, while many social media platforms rely heavily on algorithms that are designed to show users content they may like based on past behaviors (e.g., liking photos), TikTok uses an algorithm that allows them to personalize your feed by showing videos from accounts you have recently interacted with or watched videos from in order of relevance to your interests and preferences (i.e., what kind of posts do YOU like?). This means that if someone likes a lot of comedy skits or covers, then those types of posts will appear at the top of their feed as opposed to being buried under tons of generic memes that don’t really apply directly back towards their interests.

Identifying your target audience on TikTok.

If you want to market your business on TikTok, the first thing you need to do is identify who your target audience is and what they want.

This can be done by creating a list of questions that help you figure out who your customers are. For example: “What are their hobbies?” “What kind of content do they like?” “Do they like funny videos or serious ones?” These types of questions will give you a better idea of what type of content would be best suited for them.

Once this list is complete, take some time to think about how these people communicate with each other online and offline in real life (IRL). The more information about their behavior patterns and preferences, the easier it will be for you to make decisions about what kinds of content should go into each video or post.

Creating fun and engaging TikTok content.

When creating a TikTok story, your goal is to make it fun and engaging so that viewers will want to watch it in its entirety.

Create a story that is entertaining and uses the following:

  • Fun filters, stickers, or other special effects to add flair.
  • Music/sound effects for an added boost (you can download music from SoundCloud).
  • The right hashtags – this is an important step because this will help you gain more exposure on TikTok. If you don’t do this step properly, there’s no way anyone else will see what you’ve posted!

Using music to engage your users.

Whether you’re creating a video or using music as background, using music is a great way to engage your audience. It can also make your video stand out from others in the same genre and drive new followers to your channel.

You might be thinking that music is only for big brands with large budgets, but this isn’t true at all. You can find free royalty-free music online and use it in your videos or presentations, but be sure to pick the right kind of song for your brand before you do so!

Go live!

Now that you’ve created a new account, you can go live on TikTok at any time. There are several ways to use live to promote your content, interact with your audience and engage in real-time conversations. Here are some ideas:

  • Share a piece of content (such as a blog post or an article) by taking it live to share information about it directly with followers.
  • Use live to answer questions from followers while they watch the stream—you can also incorporate polls into the stream so that users can vote on which question they want to be answered next or let the most popular poll win and have their question answered first!
  • Use TikTok’s hashtag function to create polls that allow people watching the video stream to ask questions or discuss topics relevant to what you’re talking about in real time—this will help drive engagement even further!

Follow these steps to build a popular presence on TikTok for your business.

To build a popular presence on TikTok for your business, follow these steps:

  • Create a branded profile.
  • Create a branded hashtag that represents your product or service, like #GetYourCarCleanedToday or #WeddingsByTheLake.
  • Create a branded sticker that you can use in stories, including stickers you create yourself or download from the TikTok app itself (this can be done by selecting the “Stickers” tab at the bottom of your screen).
  • Create an awesome video with great editing and lighting effects so that it stands out among other videos posted to TikTok (don’t forget to add some hashtags at the start of each line so people can find it easily). You’ll also want to add some filters and stickers here too!
  • Use the right hashtags – those that are relevant to what’s being discussed in this TikTok community; don’t just put random words together because they rhyme!


Now that you know how to use TikTok for marketing purposes, it’s time to get started! Remember that it takes time and effort to build an audience on any platform. Use these tips as a starting point, and then experiment with your own ideas.

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