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The Case For Merging Email Marketing With Digital Advertising

January 2020
merging email marketing with digital advertising

Both email marketing and advertising (PPC, SEM, video ads, etc.) are extremely impactful marketing techniques online. But marketers seldom use the two strategies together. As global internet consumption reaches an all-time high, companies can benefit greatly by merging email marketing with their digital advertising efforts. Here’s how doing so would help: 

You have better insight into your prospect’s preferred time of engagement.

The first and most obvious advantage of merging email marketing with digital advertising is knowing when your prospect is likely to be online. By tracking when your lead clicks on your banner ad and with the frequency, you’ll be able to find an ideal time for sending your emailers. This will give your emails a better chance of being opened and read. 

You get more qualified leads and high-potential prospects.

Let’s say your goal is to create a qualified list of prospects with a high chance of converting. One way to create such a list is to develop an online advertisement that includes a CTA. This encourages email subscriptions. When someone signs-up for your promotional emails after viewing your ad, you know the person watched your entire advertisement. They found your message compelling and decided to engage with you. 

It gives you more scope for email marketing personalization.

Another perk of bringing together ads and emailers is that you can customize the content you share with your prospects. Websites and online advertisements use cookies to track user browsing habits. By monitoring the type of content a person consumes or engages with, you obtain a fair idea about the kind of email content they would like to receive. Essentially, you are able to create a detailed buyer persona using the information you receive. Now, when you send them the type of content they prefer in your newsletters or promotional emails, you have a higher chance of effecting a sale. Does a certain section of people regularly browse content about products on a discount? Send them an emailer about your on-sale items, and you can rest assured that your email open rates will skyrocket. 

Customer retargeting is more focused and geared to success.

On the flip side, your email list can also personalize your advertisement retargeting efforts. Here’s how: By implementing a tracking cookie in your marketing emails, you can monitor the inbox activities of your prospects. You’re able to grasp what type of marketing email they opened most recently. And based on that information, you can direct the most relevant banner advertisements. For example, your email cookies indicate that a subscriber opened your email about your new Fall Collection clothing line. He visited your website but hasn’t bought anything yet. You can use this information to show him ads about the Fall Collection on another website or social media platform. This increases your chances of a sale.

At Reversed Out Marketing, our professionals are highly-experienced in designing digital marketing campaigns that leverage the power of both emails and banner ads. You can trust our Covington advertisers to develop an advertising campaign perfect for your brand and capable of generating higher conversions.


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