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How are Chatbots Integrated into Digital Marketing?

June 2020
How Are Chatbots Integrated Into Digital Marketing

One of the biggest trends in digital marketing in recent years is the growing use of chatbots. As an increasing number of industries continue to rely more heavily on machine learning and AI, digital marketing strategies have evolved too, and chatbots have emerged as valuable players. 

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that is capable of interacting with people. Chatbots are programmed with answers to questions commonly asked by your customers regarding your products and services. They can even suggest or recommend products to customers based on their past purchases and interests. This automation makes it much easier for you to handle customer relations more efficiently.

What can chatbots do?

There are many things chatbots can do for you. At Reversed Out, an ad agency in Covington, KY, we believe that the best approach is to let chatbots automate basic time-consuming tasks. Here are some things a chatbot can do for your business:

Answering frequently asked questions in real-time

Regardless of which business you are in, you have a set of questions that prospects and customers ask you all the time. It could be questions about your return policy, delivery and payment questions, or doubts about how to use your products. Chatbots can answer these questions in real-time without your customers having to wait on the phone for a representative to be free.

Gathering information and analyzing data

Chatbots can help you collect useful data from leads such as their contact information, which areas they need support in, whether they have purchased from you, etc. As opposed to other methods such as contact forms, chatbots enable a much more personalized way of gathering such information, thus resulting in your leads being much more inclined to share such information with you.

Greeting prospects and customers

When users land on your website, chatbots can greet them, making them feel welcome just as a staff member would greet them at the door if you had a brick and mortar business.


Whether you have to schedule a sales call or an onboarding session, a chatbot can do it for you efficiently.

Product recommendation

Based on purchase history and interests, chatbots can recommend products that your customers may like.

Today, most well-designed websites of businesses who value smart digital marketing all have chatbots, thus creating an improved overall experience for their customers. So, how can you incorporate chatbots into your digital marketing too?

What to consider when incorporating chatbots into your digital marketing strategy

If you wish to make chatbots part of your digital marketing, there are a few things you should consider. First, you need to know what your goal is. Do you want a chatbot to answer FAQs or make recommendations? Only after you have a clear goal, you can execute your plans.

At Reversed Out, a Covington, KY ad agency, we suggest keeping your chatbot simple. The more complicated the programming is, the more opportunities you have for things to go wrong. Also, if you want your chatbot to deliver results, make it sound like a human having a conversation and not a robot. Give it some personality and warmth, and you’ll see a huge difference!

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