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How much does SEO cost? 

September 2021
seo cost

If you’ve been wanting to find out how much SEO costs for a website, you’ve come to the right place. Being in the SEO (search engine optimization) business ourselves, have come up with the answer to this question. There are several agencies in the market that are selling SEO services. Which one can you trust? How much should you pay? Most of you must be struggling with questions like this. 

We hope you will get all your answers here! 

How much does SEO cost? Check the estimated SEO service pricing you should pay! 

There is no question that a digital marketing plan can be done without SEO. The cost of SEO plans can vary between $400 to $10,000 per month depending on the agency and the level of SEO services you are looking for. There are two common payment structures that SEO agencies follow – the first one is on a per hour basis and the second one is on a per monthly basis. 

We at Reversed Out Creative quote the price for SEO services depending on several factors like other good SEO companies. In the next section, we are going to list some of these factors and pricing models. 

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Factors that determine the SEO service pricing

There are several factors starting from the type of website to the level of SEO that the client wants, depending on which SEO agencies determine the cost of the services they offer. 

  • Whether you are hiring – Freelancer, Contractor, or SEO agency.
  • SEO pricing model – whether it is a monthly or hourly contract. 
  • Size of your business – depending on the size of your business website, you will be able to get a quote from the agency or contractor. 
  • What SEO strategy you are planning to use will also decide the cost of the SEO project.

These are a few factors in which most companies quote SEO pricing. 

Different SEO pricing models you must know about! 

Now that you have gone through cost factors, let’s discuss the four basic pricing models that companies follow – 

Monthly retainer 

A monthly retainer is one of the most preferred SEO pricing models. This is the model in which you are required to pay a monthly fee to the company and they take care of your website’s SEO. The average monthly SEO cost is between $250 to $2,000. 

Project-based model 

The next frequently used SEO pricing model is a project-based system. In this model, companies charge the clients on a per-project basis that is between $5000 to $30,000 per project depending on the factors we mentioned before. 

Fixed price model 

Another model that SEO companies follow to charge the clients for SEO services is the fixed retainer. This is the model that charges the client on a per-service basis. 

Hourly payment model

Charging clients on per hour basis is another type of SEO pricing model that most companies follow. The hourly fee on this model ranges between $100 to $300 per hour. 

These are a few pricing models that most SEO agencies follow to charge their clients for SEO services. You can choose from any of these models as per your choice. 

In the end, we would recommend you to be very careful while selecting which SEO agency to hire. There are several good agencies that provide excellent SEO services with a focus on providing results. We at Reversed Out Creative work on the same principle. To know how much SEO will cost you, simply contact us and we will determine the exact SEO cost for you and get you taken care of. 

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