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Labor Day Marketing Strategies – 3 Tips to Help You This Labor Day Weekend!

August 2019

With school starting back up and cooler air making its way in, it can only mean one thing – Labor Day weekend is getting closer! As Labor Day approaches, so does another chip in the remaining days of summer. As people celebrate together with barbecues and parties, it’s time for business owners to take this opportunity for their company! This is a perfect time to start a marketing plan for the weekend to come. Though this weekend is meant for those hard workers to have some time off, small businesses could greatly benefit by keeping their doors open this weekend. 

Here we’ll list some marketing tips to help out those businesses that are staying open this Labor Day weekend!


When a holiday comes around so do new sales! Take advantage of holiday fever by putting things up for a sale. Since summer is starting the move-out and fall moves in, it might be a good time to allow your summer items to go up for an unbeatable discount! Another way to help with sales this weekend is to make those deals a limited time. Say you only had those offers for the weekend of Labor Day – that sense of urgency could help increase your purchases. This could especially be beneficial for more large ticket items that your customers may usually be hesitant on. Explore your current stock and get creative with your offers!


It’s a good tactic to keep emails flowing and constantly remind your audience on the deals to come. Start marketing as early as possible so your customers have time to prepare. Sending coupons and other deals through email is a great way to let others know of your offers coming up and to have more people show up to your store. Another fun way to market your business this Labor Day weekend is to have fun giveaways or raffles. This hook could help entice more people to come and have them feel like they’re getting a great deal. Remember to keep your customers up to date on your contest and remember to keep it fun!


For those families that don’t plan on leaving their backyard this Labor Day weekend, it may be a good time to make sure your website is up to date. If you are one of those small or large businesses that are keeping their doors open this Labor Day weekend it may also be a good idea to keep your cyber doors open as well. Once you’ve reminded your targeted audience with your deals and offers through email try linking them back to your website. Having those deals clearly visible allows customers to easily move around and make purchases through your site. Don’t miss your opportunity this Labor Day weekend – make sure there are multiple ways to take advantage of this holiday!

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