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Remarkable Logo Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

July 2021
logo design trends 2021

If you have been following up with the design trends over the years, you might agree with us that the 20s are in dire need of rebranding. Luckily, there are several logo design trends that you need to follow in the year 2021 to know whether the logo design is up to the task. 

After researching for a while, we have finally come up with the list of super exciting logo design trends in the year 2021. Last year we observed the reinvention through new technologies, in 2021, the logo designing industry is shifting its way. 

10 Logo Design Trends To Follow In 2021

Some of the logo trends that you need to know in 2021: 

i) Stained Glass Logo Look

ii) Simple Geometrical Logo Look

iii) Perspective Drawing 

iv) Divergent Letters 

v) Use of Kooky Characters in Logo 

vi) Modernized Symbolism in Logo

vii) Analogous Color Schemes 

viii) Static Motion 

ix) Black and White Logos 

x) Gradients & Vivid Colors 

xi) Monogram Logos

Excited to know more about these logo trends? Let’s go – 

i) Stained Glass Logo Look

This logo look is catching up in the market. Being relatively modern, this is quite an inspirational trend that you need to check out. Several logo designers today are finding the stained glass window look quite enlightening. The abstract touch of these logos is inspired by medieval church windows. This trend of stained glass logos is expected to grow even more in the coming years. 

ii) Simple Geometrical Logo Look

This year, logo designers are turning to geometrical art and imagery for logo inspiration. Today, designers are finding power in the simplicity of geometrical shapes and have been falling for minimalism. Below, you can find some of these geometrically inspired logos.

iii) Perspective Drawing 

To become an iconic designer, you need to have a unique perspective of things. This is what is trending. Even before today, designers find their best ideas while they are focused and clear. Clarity and simplicity are the two things that can help you communicate the idea of business through a logo. Since the beginning, logo designers have been designing with minimalism and flat designs, and they are not planning to abandon this idea. This year, we have observed logo designers putting in perspective angles in the logo with subtlety. 

Know why logo is important for your business?

iv) Divergent Letters 

Typical wordplay logos have been observed to be trending this year too. The logos based on letters can help focus on the brand. We have witnessed logo designers following up with this trend by adding subtle changes and innovations. Right from the off-colored title over the lowercase letters to playing with alphabets made out of things like “H” as chopsticks. 

v) Use of Kooky Characters In Logo 

Another logo design trend that you need to follow up in 2021 is the use of kooky characters as logos. Caricatures have become a new trend and quite an appealing one, we have to say. These designs come across as witty and humorous. At the same time, we believe these are very catchy. These types of logos are mostly best for industries like entertainment, design firms, and creative companies. The ultimate goal of these kooky characters in the logo is to help customers find comfort in your business. 

vi) Modernized Symbolism In Logo

Symbols have always been a part of logo designing. Right from the Rising Phoenix to the Goddess, these are all the symbols that have been used since ancient times as logos. The main purpose of the logo is to communicate the idea behind the business in a simple and catchy way. This is a classical trend and is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

vii) Analogous Color Schemes 

As the definition of trends goes, every year we have something new to share with you. This year, we can expect the use of analogous color schemes even more than before. This concept actually involves the pairing of colors that are adjacent to one another on the color wheel, creating a sense of harmony. This concept is becoming more and more popular with time and therefore, is essential for us to mention. 

viii) Static Motion 

Animated logo is not a new concept, in fact, it has been here for a very long time. In 2021, we can expect this trend to catch up even more. Now, we can expect an increase in motion tracers, splatter particles, action lines, and fluid shapes in the logo. With the help of static motion, you can add value to the logo which customers can judge the motto of the brand. 

ix) Black & White Logos 

Another trend that one needs to focus on in 2021 is the growing love of black and white logos. It is known that these designs are very attractive and catchy in their own way. They are appealing and very simple in style and therefore, have their own unique essence. 

x) Gradients & Vivid Colors 

The next logo design trend that you need to focus on in the year 2021 is the rising use of vivid and gradient colors. These color tones give your logo a classic vibe that is hard to forget. Graphic design is one of the most creative industries and therefore, keeps changing. From colors, design, to style, everything keeps evolving. The right use of gradients can add the needed pop to the logos to catch the attention of the audience and users. 

xi) Monogram Logo Design 

The logo design industry has been a fan of monogram designs since the very beginning. In fact, it wouldn’t be false to say that it is the staple style of the logo industry. Over the years, we have observed logo designers using monogram styles more and more. This year, you can expect the same. These designs create memorable logos and therefore are not going anywhere. 

Bottom Line 

These are the logo design trends that you need to know in 2021 if you want to become successful in graphic designing. These trends keep changing, and therefore, we keep updating the list over the years. Since logo designing trends are always changing, it is essential that you keep yourself up to date. If you are still looking for a graphic designer who can help you design the perfect company logo for your business, you can contact us. We have been in this industry for the past few decades and have helped many businesses find their own graphic representation including logos. 

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