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The Blue Ocean SEO Strategy | Learn All About It!

May 2022
The blue ocean seo strategy

Can you define the term blue ocean SEO Strategy? Any idea of what the term means or what it conveys?

This might be a new word for you, but don’t worry, we will teach you everything about this term in a few minutes.  

Back in the day, circuses were moving to the countryside. Among these circuses included two of the most famous, the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey. They do a lot of hard work to outperform one another. They try numerous crazier stunts, think of ideas involving weirder clowns, tricks with animals, and much more. The point to consider in this example is, they both were so busy with each other, that they forgot that they were performing for customers. Resulting in the actual customers not feeling content about the animal tricks or the multiple rings shows. They acknowledge them as outdated, and cruel. The end result was both of these circuses losing out. 

Then, did you think about who came along? A group who has used SEO strategy. This group is known as, Cirque du Soleil, and they are not a traditional circus. They thought of something new. They made a complete SEO strategy about what has worked for pervious circuses and what acted as a barrier to their success. They subtracted the cruel animals, but kept clowns and acrobats as they were used in traditional circuses, and the new thing that they brought is a fine theatre experience. 

If you have ever gone to a circus show, you may have noticed that there is always a  narrative. So, what they did is they just formed a blue ocean. They have made a world where there are no direct and comparable competitors.

Nowadays, circuses are more of an outdated option, so we have Netflix as an entertainment option. What was there before Netflix? iTunes and cable television. What were your options before iTunes and cable television? We could keep going on, but the point is, what we actually wanted to tell you is that these all are the launchers of a new product. This phenomenon is known as, a blue ocean SEO strategy.

So, where we can get the perspective of SEO? 

We need to start from scratch by asking, where does SEO stand today? So, SEO is a predetermined game. Actually, it is most commonly used as a red ocean SEO strategy. This might sound crazy, so we will give you an example. Let’s say you have a situation where you already have a keyword in mind.

You saw that your competitor has 150 links, so you think to yourself that this isn’t a big deal, and give yourself 250 links. The speed of their site is 70. No worries, you’ll have 80. The competitor can write 1,000 words, so you write 1,500. This example is known as the red ocean strategy, which is a fixed set of mind. You are just having a competition with a rival, but not coming up with something unique.

These are all building stories. Basically, this already has a place, and initially, it is a red ocean, that is a predetermined game. So, how we can get over it? How do the digital marketers and other content marketers all come to know that they are all just taking part in a red ocean game? 

Begin With a Customer 

Just imagine a customer is sitting with you. You may deal with work fulfillment, a service, or a product. When you sit with them, you ask them, “Hey, we are working for the betterment of our product, service, or fulfillment. Tell us what we can do to make it better for you?” The conversation should be interesting from both sides. 

You simply collect all the relevant views and use them to make a better product/service. By doing so, your customers will be grateful and more likely to return.

Writers Are Set Up For Triumph

The reality is, we live in a society where editorial professionals, content marketers, and SEO professionals are all in a place where we are asked for a task that is next to impossible. With so much content already published on websites, how can we produce exceptional content?  

We will begin with what you provide the SEO professional, or a writer to initiate a project. We have seen many people start this work by just taking a bunch of keywords and just going for it. In their mind, they are working to rank all of these keywords and assuming it will make a great piece of content. However, you will undoubtedly create a skyscraper with all of these things, leading everyone to failure.

You cannot win if you begin your work with just a keyword. What is actually needed is a comprehensive outline to refer back to. When we do an outline with our team, it’s never less than three pages. Most of the outlines are between three and five pages. All of the content must be collected properly, and the thought should come from inside you and your team that the client is the utmost priority. Understand every minute detail for a vivid picture of the work. 

Reality Is What People Actually Want

Have you ever thought about what people want? The answer to this question is, they want reality. Authenticity is what they require from you, regardless of the industry you are in. For example, when creating content, whether it’s a landing page, blog post, or social media post, the key element that needs to be kept in mind is that people want reality from your side. They want to be able to relate to your content and see their point of perspective. And when you keep your content and your brand authentic, they have more trust in you.

The three things that are to be discussed in detail to boost the content are stories, advice, and examples. Read them carefully and understand how these points will assist you.


Stories are a wonderful method of delivery brought by a business owner to assist their audience. The initiative is to begin every article with a story. People adore that. They feel engaged, and their interest is built while reading about stories because it feels more relatable to them.

You might be thinking that there are several successful sites that initiate directly with working content like Wikipedia, the website is so successful. However, if you follow the path of creating original content that is relatable, then you are on the way to a successful blue ocean strategy. This is a great SEO strategy; the engagement of people will give a great ranking to your website.


The next thing to consider is advice. It is important to keep in mind that you cannot be an expert in every niche. When you take advice on examples of original work that deals with the subject matter you are writing about, you will enhance your work, and this is one of the best SEO tactics to help increase your ranking on search engines. 

This is completely okay, and this fact must be faced by every writer. No need to panic. Just ask for advice from others who can help you in regards to the topic. The second thing that can be done is conducting interviews with your relevant audience to know the ground reality of the topic. This tactic might be lengthy, and time-consuming, but will give you unique content. Thirdly, you can buy a book to read. Just make a team within your workplace, and make sure you are creating a talented group with expertise. All this will lead you towards the blue ocean SEO strategy. 


One of the most important parts of an article is an example. Reality and authenticity are the two key elements that are expected by people. If you already have case studies, then this is the utmost requirement. Just make use of your case study by compiling all of the data. Real examples from around the world are needed to make an article rank. This is a great SEO strategy to help surge the engagement time of your audience. 


In our opinion, it is vital to check your competitor’s strategy and use that information when building your blue ocean SEO strategy. This will attract a lot of customers, as they are the priority of your business, and make sure they are happy with your content. Do not just copy your competitor’s every little word and be a part of the red ocean. Make sure to keep your content unique and set yourself apart from the crowd. If you have any questions or need help with your SEO strategy, feel free to contact us at Reversed Out Creative.

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