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15 Best Types of Video Content People Love

June 2020
Video Content

The world of marketing and advertising has seen a lot of change in the past decade, and the transformation has seen videos emerging as the dominant front-and-center content. One can argue that every type of content is an effective strategy that helps connect with the audience. But here are some numbers that that argue that video content is more engaging than ever.

-85% of internet users in the US watch video content each month.

-93% of companies say that video content brings a new customer.

 -63% of companies claim video content on social media brings ROI.

-There will be a 19% increase in viewers watching online video content in 2021 compared to 2019.

At Reversed Out, an ad agency in Covington, KY, experts suggest that it would be ideal to invest in video content that people love to be able to engage them.

Video content that people love

There are three main types of videos that people love to watch namely awareness videos, engagement videos, and education videos. Here are the specific categories that come under them:

1. Awareness videos

They have broad appeal and high entertainment value and attract as many people as they can and include the following categories:

Company culture: It offers the company’s values, mission, and introduces the team members, showcasing the culture of the organization.

Behind the scenes: They are usually raw footage and offer exclusive insight into a process or project, or a situation.

Round-ups: Videos that are curated around a theme such as ‘5 best restaurants in Kentucky’.

-Interviews: Videos that spotlight one or two people answering, usually an influencer.

2. Engagement videos

They usually spark a reaction like a comment or a share and include the following categories:

Vlog: A diary-style video that is typically filmed by one person.

Humorous: Videos that offer amusing and memorable content.

Video emails: Usually a minute long and offer branded content.

3. Education videos

They teach the viewers something. It can be a how-to video that targets current customers or a case study to target potential customers. It includes the following categories:

Product review: It offers a review of a product by a customer or an influencer.

Product tour: An overview of the product, how it looks, and works.

Feature explainer: It concentrates on one feature of a product or a service that is offered.

How to: It walks the audience through a process, or it answers common questions.

Announcements: They are ideal to build excitement while you roll out your message.

Presentation: A live talk or presentation by an expert can be filmed, edited, and used as video content.

Question and Answer: It can be your team interviewing an expert, or an expert taking a question from the audience to answer on camera.

Testimonials or case studies: It is influenced by the psychological phenomenon that influences people to buy what others have.

Despite the potential that video content offers, several companies are setting it in the sidelines and producing whitepapers, blogs, and case studies instead. Talk to our experts at Reversed Out, a Covington, KY ad agency, and we can help you understand video content better! It is not as complex as it seems as the only vital aspect is getting familiar with what people love to watch.

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