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Tips For Your Company Logo Redesigning Like a Boss

February 2020

Planning to change your company logo? 

Logo redesign is one of the easiest things to do, provided you know what to do. At Reversed Out Creative, a top experienced digital marketing agency in the Cincinnati/Covington region, our marketers are highly experienced in the art of logo redesign, and have some tips that you can benefit from:

Retain the most memorable features of your old logo

There may be many reasons for you wanting to change your company logo, but there’s no need to scrap your entire logo to create a new one. In fact, it’s recommended that you keep your new logo similar in aesthetics to the old one as it increases brand recall. If there’s a particular alphabet or a design element that stood out in the old logo, you should retain that feature. For example, Marriott Group of Hotel’s “M” is its most distinctive feature –which they retained when they redesigned their logo.

Tap into your legacy for inspiration

Your company history can offer excellent insights into how you should brand and position your company. Logo design is a part of this company branding process. By using your own past for design inspiration, you can tell your company’s entire story through your logo. You’ll be able to connect better with prospects and share your message with them. Alcohol brand Bacardi just refreshed their original logo to maintain a connection with their legacy.

Keep it simple

When there’s too much happening in your logo, you tend to take the spotlight away from the core message you’re trying to send out. Plus, the overload of words, design, and colors can be too garish on the eyes. That’s why our Covington Kentucky marketers recommend that you stick to minimalistic design and simple color pallets. Take petroleum company Shell or F&B giant TGI Fridays, for example. They experimented with a lot of options that were overloaded with design and colors until they finally hit upon the simplistic and memorable design they are recognized by today.

Choose your colors with care

Studies show that brands with warm-colored logos (like reds, greens, yellows, and so on) experience more purchase activity than brands that have cold-colored logos (ice blue, purple, charcoal, and so on). Certain colors encourage a certain type of buying behavior and also impact the frequency of purchase. This is why it’s important to choose the colors of your logo carefully. Our experts recommend that it’s best to use warm colors when possible, and when you can’t, choose warmer versions of cold colors –for example, sky blue instead of ice blue.

FedEx does a really good job of playing with colors. They have retained their traditional deep blue color and using a different (warm) color to signify their various businesses. Their FedEx Ground is a mixture of blue and green, which indicates both efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Hidden meanings do wonders to logos

Did you know that logos are a goldmine of hidden meanings? McDonald’s has confirmed that its “M” has been deliberately rounded because it reminds people of their mother’s milk. Through this, they associate their brand with good food, made with love. Similarly, Amazon’s logo shows that they have absolutely everything on their store –from A to Z. 

When redesigning your logo, consider including a subliminal message in it. Not only is it impactful, but it’s also entertaining.


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