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Using Social Media to Form Authentic Relationships With Your Audience

June 2020
5 Social Media Tips For Authentic Relationships With Audience

Companies that focus on making the customer experience positive and seamless generate revenues that are 5.7X more than companies that don’t focus on customer experience. 

For most people, the first step in the customer experience journey starts on social media. After all, that is where they discover new brands/products, seek information/reviews about them, and sometimes visit the e-store or website through their social media channels. It then stands to reason that you use social media to forge a positive, lasting, and authentic relationship with your prospects using social media to ensure conversions.

Five best social media tactics to develop genuine relationships with your audience

1. Reply to every message you receive

One of the biggest mistakes companies commit is not responding to customer messages on social media. You have only 24 hours to respond to your audience before they lose interest in you.

So, have someone monitor your social media accounts for DMs, mentions, tags, and shares. Respond to every message that comes your way.

2. Personalize the communication

Your audience is more likely to continue engaging with you when you send them personalized messages. It makes them feel special that you’ve taken the time to respond to them. 

When personalizing your reply, speak to them on a first-name basis. You can even go through their social media profiles to see what their purchase preferences might be and then recommend a solution that they might enjoy. You can usually find out what someone likes by seeing the types of posts he/she shares.

3. Surprise your audience with a gift or coupon

Who doesn’t love gifts and coupons? In fact, they are the best way to push your audience down the sales cycle very quickly. 

The gifts could be a personalized t-shirt or a branded calendar/diary. You can tie the gifts with a subscription. For example, if they subscribe to your newsletter, then they can claim the gift. 

The coupons work great to stimulate purchase; for example, 20% off on the first purchase.

4. Share your audience’s content on your wall/account

One of the most effective ways to endear yourself to your audience is to share the content they create on your account. This makes them feel special, and they’ll reward you by engaging with you more often or purchasing more often from your store.

So, if they’ve put up a picture of themselves using your product, ask them if you can share the photo on your account. Such user-generated content also functions as a great brand advocacy content.

5. Use emotions to build a connection with the audience

At the end of the day, we’re all humans, and we love knowing about human experiences. And what’s more human than emotions? Whether it’s happiness, sadness, fear, or hope, you can create content that pulls at your audience’s heartstrings.

You can share empowering posts of how other customers benefited from your product/service or how your employees now live a life of dignity working for you. Be sure to share content that displays your beliefs and morals too, as that is something your audience might identify with strongly.

Reversed Out Creative can help you implement a robust customer engagement campaign on social media

Our Covington web designers at Reversed Out Creative are experts at social media marketing. Our Kentucky digital marketers can create a robust and dynamic social media strategy that can help you form long-lasting relationships with your audience. 

Contact us to get more details. We are located just across the river from Cincinnati.

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