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What is Color Theory and Why is it Important for My Business?

January 2019
color theory

Some would argue the most important part of any business is your audience. To whom are you delivering the message to? What emotion are you trying to create? In our previous blog, we mentioned 3 Reasons Why Design Is Important to your Brand and how it can strengthen your business. Here we’ll discuss more in-depth on color and how that connects back to marketing, branding, and business.

Color Theory and Its Symbolism

Whenever the discussion of good design comes up so does the topic of color theory. Color theory is a collection of guidelines used in your art, aesthetic and design. It helps dictate how to use color to symbolize and express what you’re trying to get across. Color helps create meanings, ideas, messages, and emotions. As we explained in our previous blog post, your customer relationship could start with great design and color selection. To see how some colors affect your emotions try looking at the symbolism for warm and cool colors. Warm colors tend to create a feeling of excitement, passion or even anger. Moreover, it could cause you to feel a great sense of optimism or high energy to extreme violence. Warm colors include red, yellow, orange, gold, pink, black and brown. Yet, when it comes to cool colors you get the opposite effect. Cool colors are blue, green, turquoise, gray and white. Cool colors create a calming and nurturing effect or a cold and distant effect on your audience. In a design, cool colors shrink when placed next to a warm color such as red and orange. While warm colors tend to overpower, cool colors will almost recede within the page or design

Marketing, Branding, and Business

Consider what message you’re trying to interpret to your audience. Are you trying to invoke an appetite? Try the color red or yellow! Are you trying to invoke strength and exercising? Try the color yellow or orange! What about the feeling of trust and security? Try the color blue or green! When you create your website or brand, it all starts with color theory and what meanings each color holds. Be aware of your audience and consider their cultural differences. It’s important to consider the brand and personality of your company. Make sure what you’re trying to sell is being interpreted through your design and color scheme. The colors you decide on for your website, brand or business should not be a quick decision. Deciding what message and emotion you want to portray should take time and a lot of thinking. Considering reaching out to a professional for advice on where to start. It can help you create the perfect eye-catching design and give you the opportunity to influence your audience.

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