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Why Is My Website So Slow? 3 Reasons Why Your Website Could Be Running Slower

March 2019

Performance Of Your Server

Whenever a visitor clicks on your site, it is asking your page to load from the ground up. The information needed for your website to load is pinged through your internet browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. The worse your server is performing, the longer it will take to respond. The web host you use is almost always the reason for a poor server. Take the time and research who you work with when creating your website. Here at Reversed Out, we have a hard-working team ready to help you if you are struggling with a similar issue.

Unoptimized or Extra Large Images

When using High-Resolution images they could end up using a lot of bandwidth to load. Remember to check the file size of your image before uploading to your website. A large image will take a long time to load and when you end up having many large images you’re only adding more load time to your website. Another important thing to keep in mind is the file format. Browsers are able to load JPEG, PNG, and GIF usually compared to TIFF and BMP. Yet, it’s important to note that JPEG is still much smaller than PNG and GIF. So if it came down to choosing, JPEG might be the ‘quicker’ option. Remember to reach out to professionals for help if you’re having trouble with images on your website.

Too Many Plugins

If your website runs on a CMS such as WordPress, you might have excessive active plugins. If you’re a WordPress user, then you know there’s a plugin for everything. Yet, unnecessary and excessive plugins are a leading cause of slow page loading speeds. This is because each plugin adds more external requests to your site’s code. These requests are dependent on the speeds of the servers they are being hosted on. Because of this, your content will have to wait for these requests to cycle before loading. Even a handful of heavy-handed plugins can add loading time to your website, and every precious second counts (literally).

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