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Why is SSL Important? Learn All About SSL Certificates & Why To Invest In It

March 2022
SSL Certificate

You may rest assured that your personal information is safe because an SSL certificate is the foundation of our secure Internet. Even if your website does not handle critical data such as credit cards, you still need SSL to keep it secure. It protects both your websites and the personal information of your visitors with vital security and data integrity. 

What Exactly Does SSL Mean? 

SSL is Secure Sockets Layer. When a web server and browser use the SSL protocol, an encrypted connection is established between the two. Authentication of the encrypted connection and verification of the website’s owner is the primary functions of an SSL certificate. Because an SSL certificate verifies the domain’s ownership and security, firms that handle sensitive information can rely on it as a sign of trust. 

SSL: Why You Need It for Your Website 

1. SEO Rankings Boost

Investing in an SSL certificate is a great way to increase your website’s search engine rankings. That’s right: Google’s ranking system takes SSL into account in an effort to make the internet a safer place. It’s possible that your site won’t rank as well as your competitors if SSL isn’t enabled on it. Let those organic visitors go through the cracks if you can. 

If you don’t have SSL, you’re already behind a lot of other sites in the industry. According to Moz, SSL is currently enabled on 32.5% of Google’s first page results. So if you want to reach the top of the search results, SSL can help. 

2. User Trust 

There has been a lot of talk lately about cyber attacks and site security, especially in light of the recent DDOS attack. Consumers will be wary of where they put their personal information and which websites they visit after hearing about the recent cyberattacks that crippled the likes of Twitter, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, and others. 

If you’re a user who’s been seeing these sites go down for a few hours, I hope it makes you reevaluate how much faith you place in these companies. That brings me to my second reason: the belief that I can rely on others. Every one of us has a favourite news source, blog, or shopping site. However, have you checked to determine if these sites are secure? Google has made it easy to tell if a website is secure or not. 

You’ll find the relevant information to the left of the URL. You can use this at the beginning of the URL as a guide. A green lock next to ‘HTTPS’ and an information circle for sites that are not SSL-enabled have been added by Google as well. 

Every online business should prioritize earning the trust of its customers, and ensuring that your website is SSL enabled is a vital first step in achieving that goal. 

3. Sense Of Security

Obtaining an SSL certificate will relieve you of some stress. Worrying about a potential security breach is the worst thing you can do as a digital organization. When you think about it, it may happen at any time. SSL not only protects your sensitive information, but also your website’s data and the personal information of your users by ensuring privacy, crucial security, and data integrity. 

Until it’s too late, you don’t think about the importance of a secure website. So you don’t have to, invest in SSL now. 

4. SSL Provides Authentication

A valid benefit of SSL certificate authentication in addition to encryption. This means that you can rest assured that your data is being sent to the correct server, and not to an impostor who is attempting to steal it. What’s the big deal? The nature of the Internet implies that your consumers are likely to send information to you via a number of different machines. Users could be tricked into handing over personal information to any of these systems. A reputable SSL provider is the only way to prevent this from happening. 

What are the benefits of an SSL certificate? Only a confirmed company that has undergone a number of identity checks will be issued an SSL certificate by a reputable SSL supplier. EV SSL Certificates, for example, necessitate additional verification steps. How can you tell if an SSL service is reputable and trustworthy? It is possible to compare SSL providers that are commonly found in most web browsers using our SSL Wizard tool SSL providers are audited by a third party and verified by web browser manufacturers to follow particular criteria. 

5. SSL Protects From Phishing And Other Attacks

There has been an upsurge in assaults like phishing and MITM as more people use the internet. SSL protects against these and other attacks. For a variety of reasons, it is imperative that the website be protected against such attacks. Having an SSL Certificate on the website is a simple solution. 

Due to the nature of the cloning process, it is nearly impossible to create a phishing website that is SSL certified. Getting an SSL certificate has this additional benefit. 

The ideal certificate to protect your website from these kinds of assaults is an EV SSL Certificate. 

6.  SSL Protects Customer Data:

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) safeguards consumer data, which is like a diamond to a business in today’s highly competitive market. This means that the company cannot make any concessions when it comes to safeguarding client data. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology encrypts data as it travels from the server to the browser. Security and confidentiality are protected by this method. The data is protected from hackers and skimmers by being encoded in an unreadable format using SSL. 

Everyone has learned that HTTPS is a sure sign of a secure website and that no one can trace your personal information when using a secure connection. It will demonstrate the legitimacy of your company and reassure your website’s visitors that any transactions they conduct on it will be secure. SSL certificates are essential for protecting visitors and consumers on your website; consequently, you should obtain and configure an SSL certificate from a reputable web development company USA.

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