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Why Your Brand Should Consider Using Private Messaging Apps to Connect Directly With Your Customers

June 2020
Private Messaging Apps

The days of calling up a toll-free number to speak to a company’s representative are gone. The brand’s social media account has become the best place for customer-company engagement today. Customers can type a public message on the brand’s wall/profile or privately send them a direct message. 

Compared to the former (public message), the latter (private message) is a much better way for brands to engage with their customers. In fact, we believe that brands should invest in private messaging apps and take their engagement to the next level.

Five reasons why private messaging apps are excellent for customer engagement:

1. You can maintain your customer’s privacy

Private message apps come built with top-class encryption software and security features. Any messages you send or receive on these apps are automatically encrypted, keeping the contents safe from hackers. Plus, many of these apps require two-factor-authorization to access. 

Therefore, if your customer sends you any sensitive information, they can rest at ease knowing that the information is safe.

2. It’s easier to provide more personalized deals & offers

Offers, discounts, and deals are the big guns of digital marketing. When you give customers a coupon/deal, they feel rewarded and will continue to be your patrons. 

Public messaging platforms/accounts will dilute the strength of your deals and offers since everyone can use them. When you privately send personalized deals to your customers, they feel happy that you’ve taken the time to create a special offer just for them. 

This highly personal engagement makes your brand more likable. Your customers are more likely to use the deals and purchase your offerings.

3. They help you re-engage old customers

Just like discounts and order tracking notifications, you can also send reminders, links to newsletters, feedback forms, and so on to customers through private messaging apps. If a customer is an old patron but is currently disengaged, then you can use the app to re-engage them.

Send them reminders of your upcoming events and product launches. Share links to your blog/newsletter. Entice them with customized gifts and return order coupons.

4. You don’t have to invest in customer service staff as much

Most private message apps come built with chatbots. These chatbots are powered by natural language processing, artificial intelligence, conversation UI, and keyword mapping capabilities. These chatbots will be able to seamlessly deliver the relevant information in a very personable and human-like manner.

Plus, chatbots allow companies to reply to multiple customers simultaneously, saving lots of time. You won’t need to hire multiple customer service reps to manage your lines of communication and reply to each customer.

5. Complaint redressal becomes hassle-free

Customer complaints can make even the most loyal patrons step back and re-evaluate the brand and its offerings. This is why a public criticism, feedback, or complaint is like a death sentence to the brand. 

In a private messaging app, the contents of the message are known only to you and the customer. This privacy ensures that your reputation in the eyes of other customers remains intact.

Get a fully-customized private messaging app built for your brand

Our Covington web designers at Reversed Out Creative can build a dedicated, dynamic, and state-of-the-art private messaging app for your brand. We work with your company to understand the nuances of your business and the engagement patterns of your audience. Then we develop a feature-rich private messaging app that is designed to help you get the most out of your customer interactions. 

Our Cincinnati app development company is based across the river from Cincinnati in Covington KY. Contact us to schedule a talk with our team!

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