3 Reasons Why Google My Business Search Queries Don’t Match The Search Console

Google Queries launched in Google My Business in July 2018 but was not open to everyone until the end of August. Now that this new functionality is completely rolled out knowing how it varies from data from the Search Console is the biggest problem we’ve run into. What Is Google My Business And Why Should […]

Best Technologies For App Development | What’s The Latest!

Choosing a mobile app development platform is almost like making a one-time purchase. The role of cell phones is constant in our daily lives and activities. That’s because there’s a massive transformation going on in that cell phones are no longer the conventional communication system they used to be. For individuals and companies alike, it […]

Are You Planning A Startup? Flutter Mobile App Development Might Be The Right Fit For You

Run a quick Google search for ‘Flutter,’ and here’s what you’re going to get — “Create native apps in record time.” Well, isn’t that music to the ears of every startup founder? Flutter for MVP production should be the first choice for startups that are short on time but high on ambition to release their […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About Contextual Websites

These days, businesses across industries are working on building contextual websites. As the name suggests, these websites take into consideration various contexts of each visitor to provide them with an optimized experience.  In simple words, a contextual website is a site that uses data to provide personalized experiences to website visitors. This means that that the copy, images and […]

10 Compelling Content Formats to Include on Your App Landing Page

An app landing page is an essential tool that lets you explain to others what your app does and what it is used for, while also providing them with instructions on how to download it. The landing page of an app is designed to be the first interaction that a potential customer has with your brand. Being a […]

Node.js Vs React.js | The Differences And Similarities You Must Know!

Perhaps you have questions such as what is the difference between Node.js and React.js? Or you might be thinking about which is better: Node.js or React.js? However, it is metaphorically inaccurate to compare the two. It’s like you are comparing apples to oranges.  While React.js is a front-end library, Node.js is used mainly at the […]

How Can Small Businesses Leverage The Power Of PPC Advertisement?

A full 45% of independent companies put resources into pay-per-click promotion. Among independent ventures with more than 50 representatives, 74% are putting resources into PPC promotion. As an independent company, your showcasing spending plan is valuable. Thus, most proprietors are uneasy about moving toward new advertising activities.  PPC publicizing is a financially savvy approach to direct […]

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