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The Key Benefits Of Choosing Shopify For Your E-Commerce Store

June 2022
The Benefits of Using Shopify

There is no doubt that the digital revolution is accelerating every day. This revolution touches every facet of the daily routine of human life without any failure. Shopping is just one such aspect. E-commerce development has entirely transformed the way that people do business, and sell goods online. Vendors now have the opportunity to showcase their products online, and not just in physical stores.

This makes it important to build up a practical and appealing online shop. But building an online store is not an easy task. Here comes Shopify! A hosted platform such as Shopify, allows merchants to set up their online stores that offer many features which are supported with great value, straightforwardness, and competence.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a software program serving as a solution that business owners can make use of to open operational e-commerce stores. Shopify helps vendors perform basic jobs like building, hosting, operating, and managing websites associated with the e-commerce platform. It is the world’s most widespread multi-channel CMS, largely used by small and medium-sized business owners across the world. 

Shopify has more than one million existing clients spread all over more than 175 nations. Many leading companies use the Shopify platform to meet their e-commerce needs. Shopify eradicates the necessity for taking the help of e-commerce website building services; rather it provides an all-in-one cloud-based service. Vendors can enjoy the assistance of Shopify with ease, as the software gets mechanically updated with the addition of new features frequently. 

Shopify offers a variety tools that cater to all online store needs, such as marketing, sales, customer engagement, shipping, payment, and more. It also offers a 15-day test period to users free of cost. This test period allows merchants to analyze the platform for a better understanding of its uses and benefits. Users have access to a multitude of pre-made templates which can be chosen to design websites according to vendor specifications and niche. 

According to Shopify, operators observed an average annual growth rate of about 30% while using the subscription-based platform to operate their businesses. It allows marketing across multiple sales networks that help companies to reach a wider audience, resulting in more visibility and increased sales. Shopify was founded by Scott Lake, Daniel Weinand, and Tobias Lutke in 2004 and is originally an Ottawa SaaS. 

Amazing Shopify Themes

Commonly, e-commerce businesspersons don’t have the familiarity for building a flawless online store and also find capital too high to spend to build one. The store design is a staple, as it is a great opportunity for online vendors to create an impactful initial impression. Your design echoes the individuality of your business and the products or services you deal in. A great design gives all the information required by your patrons and assures them that they have visited the desired store. Also, it will assist you in selling your products by taking care of any conversion optimization aspect.

Being able to achieve an up-to-date store design is an added benefit of using Shopify. Here is what the design process looks like:

  • Signing-up 
  • Choosing your plan
  • Deciding design for your online store 
  • Selection of a theme
  • Install the theme on your e-commerce store
  • Put your logo, banners, and other graphic essentials and you are ready to move on!

Shopify offers both feature-rich designs and cool themes that help you build an online store without spending too much energy. Considering that not every new beginner has the important capital to invest to begin with when they are opening their business, Shopify offers free attractive themes which are low in budget. Also, they aid in making an attractive, contemporary, and proficient store. Nevertheless, there are also premium themes with additional features for those who have the money and would like to spend it on their own e-commerce store.

Excellent Shopify Payments Option

Consequently, because of a good partnership with Stripe, which is a payment service sponsor for e-commerce stores, Shopify has created its own private credit card processor known as Shopify Payments. Now, Shopify Payments is one of the numerous payment processor choices that Shopify operators can choose from to safely receive payments from their consumers. After signing up, Shopify consumers do not need to connect to any other reimbursement procedure or work together with an external business. 

Shopify Payments is combined in the platform. The only thing that operators have to do is just hand-pick Shopify Payments – present in the admin panel – and provide the necessary details. These details include banking information, the identification number of the employer, the price, and the shipping time. After completing these steps, everything can be done easily from the e-store dashboard.

We can say that Shopify has cut out the middleman, and relaxed its consumers, which is one of the best paybacks of using Shopify Payments 🙂

Vital Features of Shopify – Uncommon for Other Shopping Websites

Shopify POS Feature

Shopify offers a feature called Point Of Sale (POS) that enables businesses to sell their goods in the real world. For example, businesses can open physical pop-up stores to sell their products offline and accept expenses from buyers using a card reader. The payments are connected to the business’s Shopify inventory which also preserves a record of every transaction. 

The Shopify POS application provides a combined dashboard that removes the need to maintain separate sales records for in-store and online purchases. The application is well-suited for Apple devices and allows users to customize orders, view customer purchase history, and add discount offers. It can also give customers rewards if the online store is running a loyalty program. 

Shopify POS can be used to plan and set up tailor-made marketing campaigns for in-store customers. Shopify has two POS options to offer: Shopify POS Lite and Shopify POS Pro. The Pro version has more advanced features.

Integrated SEO Tools Feature

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to the evolution of any business in this digital sector, as it helps to increase the ranking of your website on search engines. Effective SEO practices help businesses grow their online presence by becoming more visible to a wider audience and increasing return on investment. Shopify comes with many SEO tools that can be leveraged to attain the anticipated objective. 

Shopify also offers support for several third-party app integrations to help merchants optimize their websites effectively with features like automated metadata input, providing structured data to various search engines, including Google, offering multi-language support, etc. Another application called Booster Image, an SEO Optimizer, can be used to surge traffic from Google image searches. 

Analytics Feature of Shopify

Shopify provides many analytics reports that permit users to evaluate their online store’s performance. Shopify Analytics produces an impactful understanding related to customer activities, marketing, sales, and others to support businesses in their processes and make informed decisions for growth. 

Shopify’s powerful dashboard displays critical metrics like product analytics, live view, demography of visitors, total purchase, and more. It can be easily combined with Google Analytics to intensify Shopify Analytics’ abilities. The tool also produces various reports, including marketing, inventory, order, sales, and profits.

What are the Key Benefits of Shopify?

Easy Set-up & Use

Shopify proposes a wonderfully easy and quick introduction to an online store. There is no necessity for a server or any mechanical know-how to develop your e-store. The software and the hosting are obtainable within the platform of Shopify.

One of the prime benefits of Shopify is its App Store, which hosts multiple superior apps. If you are not able to showcase AI-powered related products, up-sell items, and regularly bought goods on your Shopify store, then install the personalization option so that you can start your free trial period of 15 days instantaneously.

The rational structure of the features makes Shopify’s crossing point easy and user -friendly. Users can also easily search for documents and videos which provide proper direction on how to begin. Furthermore, there are many third-party online courses that are easily obtainable. The only thing users do is introduce a product idea and start their e-commerce store.

Better Security

Online stores erected and managed by Shopify are highly dependable, as the platform provides 256-bit SSL Certification to every website and is Level-1 PCI compliant as well. These security parameters guarantee the whole safety of delicate customer information, which includes card details, phone numbers, email IDs,  addresses, and much more. If such information gets into the wrong hands, the customer may be at risk, and your business will be accountable. 

Hence, additional security features lead to increased product value and customer devotion. This is one of the key paybacks of Shopify that assures your business can function in a secure digital setting. This hosting solution proposes excellent features by taking care of advancements and upkeep as well.

Support Various Types of Businesses

Shopify supports many different types of e-commerce businesses. Users can sell products, services, or drop-shipped products. Shopify vendors use the software package to market:

  • Handmade exclusive goods
  • Beauty products
  • Household products
  • Outdoor gear
  • Apparel
  • Digital services
  • Online class services
  • Consultation services
  • Events
  • Gift Cards
  • eBooks
  • And much more!

According to a new study, the most trendy Shopify items for 2021 were doormats, household items, kitchen towels, bike saddles, handheld device accessories, and toys— so if your occupation involves one of these specialities, Shopify is an excellent choice to move with. When it comes to selling products or services on Shopify, almost anything works out. The only prohibited rule is that you can’t sell anything illegal like alcohol, tobacco/e-cigarettes, fireworks, drugs, video game currency/ credits, firearms, and weapons. 

Smartphone Friendly

A mobile responsive website is a decisive factor for any e-commerce success. If a website is not mobile-friendly, the experience for mobile users will be weakened, resulting in the loss of potential customers. Online clients prefer to use smartphones to browse the internet and shop online. So, it is wise for e-commerce businesses to have websites that are easily compatible with mobile devices. 

Shopify enables users to design, host, and manage immaculate websites that are optimized for a mobile device. The Shopify themes are all mobile-friendly, which means you can use them to build a website that is already mobile-optimized. There are even free iPhone and Android apps that anyone can use to manage their store flawlessly.

App Integrations

The platform offers extraordinary customization abilities as it supports easy incorporation with apps. Hence, the seller can easily integrate supplementary features and functionalities to their store and enhance its value manifold. Shopify runs its own app stock where users can select from multiple applications to add new features to their e-commerce store. 

The app store structures plug-and-play applications that supply varied requirements of clienteles like customization, improving SEO, adding analytics abilities, and more. The Shopify App Store allows the content management system to be lightweight and delivers anticipated features to its clients. Some of the most prevalent apps available on the Shopify store are OptinMaster, ReferralCandy, Printful, Smart SEO, and Plugin SEO.

User-Friendly Interface

If getting your business online swiftly and effortlessly is part of your goal, Shopify is the answer. Shopify comes with a very simple user interface that allows an easy understanding of the platform in no time. Shopify has armed its platform with several drag-and-drop features that enable patrons with no coding experience to build and run their online stores effectively. One of the main advantages of Shopify is that it is very easy to organize. Customers can choose Shopify as their CMS if they are enthusiastic to open an e-commerce store on short notice. The user interface is very friendly, making it simple to use and comprehend.

Shopify Customer Service 

Shopify provides excellent customer support. Their professionals are available 24/7 via telephone, email, or live chat, and they are equipped to answer your every query to keep your online store working every single minute in the best possible way. This means that your business is never alone, as you have the backing of Shopify to help your business perform smoothly. Additionally, there are many public forums, helpful documents within Shopify, and a wide variety of Shopify videos available on the internet. Shopify’s customer support is dependable and effortlessly accessible.

Unbelievable Marketing and SEO Gears

Good-looking and visually alluring stores are great to have, but there are other strategies required to rank your website. Marketing is vital for success and the awareness of the brand is imperative– Shopify covers this part, too. Marketing is a very important part when you are dealing in e-commerce, and Shopify makes this facet much easier and achievable. 

With Shopify, you have access to a multitude of marketing channels, like social media, email marketing, and product reviews. You can use Shopify’s integral tools to create discount coupons too. Creating excellent landing pages for your Google Ads or PPC Social ads is also easy and effective. One of the key advantages Shopify offers is powerful SEO features that help you boost your website rank, even when you are in such a competitive market.

Additional Bonus – Blogging 

Blogging is very significant when it comes to increasing the traffic to your e-commerce store. Shopify comes with an integral blog option. This allows you to create associated content to ensure that your online site gets a high ranking. 

Abandoned Cart 

According to a study, on average, 70% of users abandon their shopping carts before making a purchase. This can be one of the major causes that affect your business and cause a massive drop in sales. Shopify allows vendors to identify customers who have abandoned their shopping carts by sending emails for reminders. Businesses can also mechanize this process by progression to Shopify’s advanced subscription which helps save a lot of time and increase revenue as well.

Shopify Drop-shipping

Drop-shipping is a business model in which e-commerce businesses buy products from a third party and get them directly transported to their clientele. This model eliminates the need for upholding an active storeroom. Shopify offers multiple apps that help businesses connect to wholesale suppliers. Therefore, companies do not have to worry about product stocking for items listed on their websites.


With updated e-commerce features and benefits, Shopify deservingly arises as one of the best picks for e-commerce store development. Vendors can have their online stores shaped on this platform or migrated to it. If you want to get started on your e-commerce voyage, now is the right time to invest in Shopify services. 

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