Search engine optimization (SEO)

Let us help you navigate the waters of the ever changing search engine algorithm

Organic (SEO) And Paid (SEM) Services

The web is huge…how will anyone find you? SEO and SEM is the first step.

Here at Reversed Out we often hear this from our clientele, “How will anyone find me?”. We can help you remove the hidden veil from your site and increase your day to day traffic. It’s all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), three words that can make or break the “searchability” of your website. The web design can win awards, but if no one comes to the site the benefit of your investment can be minimal.

This is why the Reversed Out Team considers SEO as part of our standard delivered web design product. We establish SEO basics in the design and development of the site to ensure that your content is viewable in the best manner possible. The goal of course is to create searchable words, long-tailed phrases and pages that the key search engines look for, i.e. Google.

Why? Because Google has algorithms designed to search the web, looking for the best reputable content to display to users searching. This is why SEO becomes important to any website looking for customers to come to them on the web.

We also recommend to our clients to consider getting a Google Analytics account that we can set up with your site. This will allow for additional data on how your site is performing and where any problems might be. If you don’t already have a GA account, we can help you get one.

What if my business is new, or I am new to the web?

Not a problem! Reversed Out SEO gurus have experience in assisting you determine where to start. This is a great option for any start up or company looking to rebrand itself. We will work with you to understand your industry and competition. Detailed research and digital audit are conducted for your website before the design process begins to help leverage the audit results. The audit results become the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy and will help with determining key words and long-tail phrases that will most effectively get customers to your site.

These keywords and long-tail words or phrases should be incorporated in your site-map as pages and headers as well as in the content within the pages. This helps drive the technology Google and other search engines use to rate content in your site.

How can I drive more traffic with online marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) takes your SEO work to a new level as a paid search process analyzing keywords and transforming these into purchased adds for a brand. The ad results are then monitored and adjusted as searches adjust to continue to drive traffic to the site. Those search results that show at the top of your Google search with “AD” in the title are websites that are utilizing SEM metrics to show up at the top of your search.

Reversed Out works with SEM experts to help you create such a marketing campaign that will help leverage your new or existing site. This is an additional level of investment in driving eCommerce to your site and create new business.

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