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Customer Retention | How To Keep Them Coming Back!

May 2022
customer retention tricks

Customer retention is the method of turning one-time shoppers into repeat clients.

Retention means holding your customers and keeping them in your business.

Therefore, buyer retention is all about retaining your current customers.

The hopes and techniques of keeping clients range via way of means of the industry. For instance, an organization that sells high-quality software programs can have distinct purchaser retention techniques.

But for all sectors, the concept is to offer a stage of the best products and services that keep their audience coming again and again – purchaser retention perfected.

What is a Customer Loyalty Program?

Customer retention packages or customer loyalty programs are methods manufacturers take to enhance the purchaser experience. The goal of these packages is to entice customers to repurchase while supporting the product or brand carrier. 

Customer loyalty packages can take many forms, however, we will be focusing on ways they can be applied to e-commerce.

Let’s dive into a number of the purchaser retention methods that will supply your clients the incentive, opportunity, and preference to return to your e-commerce business for every other purchase.

Why is customer loyalty important?

Aside from the truth that it’s much pricier to accumulate new clients than it is to hold current clients, there are numerous ways that client retention is important.

Returning clients are 50 percent more likely to buy from you than a brand-new client, and they generally tend to spend approximately 33 percent more. So now, it’s not only much less expensive to hold your clients, it’s simply more worthwhile in the long run.

Retained clients can also assist in lessening your advertising costs. They often inform their circle of relatives and buddies about your business. Word of mouth marketing drives a larger income than paid marketing, as much as 5 times greater. This can help you save a lot of money on traditional forms of advertisement. 

Ways You Can Keep Customers

  • Track and review abandonment metrics.
  • Implement a client remarks loop.
  • Maintain a client conversation calendar.
  • Send an agency newsletter.
  • Start a client training program.
  • Build acceptance with your customers.
  • Offer particular services.
  • Start a customer loyalty program.

Let us study all these points in detail and try to understand them:

Track And Review Abandonment Metrics

You cannot solve a problem until know what the cause of the problem is. Try to figure out why customers are churning out. Find out how many customers are turning away from your business. What is the issue these clients are having?

There are numerous ways you can figure this out. Do an online survey or ask for customer feedback and give a small trial of free products. These methods should give you great feedback and more insight into why clients aren’t returning to your business.

Implement a Client Remarks Loop

It is impossible to improve your business if you do not know why your customers are leaving. A complete customer feedback analysis is vital to enhancing your business.

If you want your customers to stay, then you should start taking their feedback and relay that information to all parts of your organization so that you can all offer suggestions to improve it.

There are a plethora of methods to take client remarks or customer feedback. The most common method is surveys.

Either connect with your customers digitally or take the help of shopkeepers and ask them to give free trial packs to clients and ask for an honest review.

This survey will provide you with sufficient information to do improvement in your business.

Maintain a Client Conversation Calendar

If you are not able gather customer feedback, then try to connect with clients by other forms of communication. You do so with the help of a client conversation calendar. 

This calendar will help you connect with clients and also aide in customer retention. For instance, if the annual subscription of any client is getting ready to expire, you can text them about a new renewal special.

In your customer calendar, you can keep data about your customer’s last visit and can even send messages of new offers to attract them.

Send a Newsletter

A corporation e-newsletter is an easy and cost-effective manner of preserving clients. You can use email automation to send updates to an individual client or give them to all of your clients at once. In addition, you may send the email with the usage of an RSS feed on a delegated frequency so that you don’t have to manually replace the content material or keep in mind to click “send.” Even though it is easy, newsletters can remind clients of your logo on every occasion they open their inboxes.

Start a Client Training Program

A client training program is a program in which you can demonstrate to clients your self-service tools. 24/7 customer service is available with self-service tools and is often easier for clients. This is one of the programs that can help with customer retention.

You can also create a community forum that will organize all of these customer retention training programs from time to time.

Build Acceptance With Your Customers

If you are trying to build trust between customers then do not forget two things:

  • Trust cannot be built overnight, it will take some time.
  • Do not think if they are buying products or services from you that they trust you.

Always remember that your consistency of products or services will create reliability and if customers think you are a reliable person, then they trust you.

Offer Particular Services

If you are providing a product to your clients that is better than your rival company, then your customer retention efforts are working. This is difficult to achieve, but if this happens, then the outcome will be very beneficial for you in the long run.

If your customers want to try something new, and your company has that product to offer, then customers will definitely try it from you. Hence, the purpose of customer retention will work.

Begin a Customer Loyalty Program

Every business requires some strategies in order to retain customers. Below, we will discuss various tactics that can be used in every business for customer retention

Best Customer Retention Strategies

 Let’s take a look at some of the customer retention strategies:

  • Work on client service tools.
  • Always give an apology for your mistake.
  • Make a division between you and your competitor.
  • Great subscription offers
  • Word of mouth advertising
  • Teach your clients
  • Surprises
  • Give them support
  • Do not hesitate to say “thank you.”
  • Give them offers before their subscription period runs out.
  • Trust
  • Referral and reward

Work on the Client Service Tools

If your business is small, then your team of people will also be small. When your business grows, it becomes difficult for you to manage all of your customer services. To avoid this situation, try to create customer service tools that will perform smoothly and help your business in the long run.

Always Give an Apology For Your Mistake

The golden rule of any business or any relationship is to give an apology if you have committed any mistake. The mistakes can be as small as a billing error or as large as data leakage. It happens in every business, so if it happens to you, apologize to your client and this will create a good impression and will help with customer retention.

Communicate With Customers

One of the best customer retention strategies is to always try and create a connection between you and your customer. Speak with them about the problems or challenges they are facing or take their reviews about your products or services seriously.  

Make a Division Between You and Your Competitor

Always create a division between you and your rival. The client will prefer you only if they can draw a comparison between you and your competitor, and find out who is better in all terms. The clarity in the mind of your customer will help in customer retention and will work as an excellent customer retention strategy.

Great Subscription Offers

Why will customers come back to you? What extra benefit will they get? Customers like to have a loyalty benefit. If they have chosen you over your competitors, then it’s your duty to provide them with subscription offers to make them feel special. Providing extra benefits to loyal customers over a one-time buyer will work as a customer retention strategy.

Word Of Mouth Advertising

The best customer retention strategy is to become word of mouth. The best advertising is when people tell their relatives, friends, and family about you. They will trust you more as old clients are giving your preference than others and will work as advertisers if you treat them special.

Teach Your Clients

The best thing you can offer someone is to educate them if they are interested. Do not try to close the deal so soon if someone has purchased something from you. Teach them about the product they are buying so that they can make a comparison of why they should choose your company.


Who doesn’t like surprises? This is a good customer retention strategy. You can give surprise offers to your clients for their birthday, anniversary, or one-year relationship with your company. This will create happiness among them and keep them coming back to your business.

Give Them Support

Give your customers support when they need it on the right platform. For instance: sometimes businesses face technical issues and then give information regarding the issue and how much time it will take to fix it. This will help in boosting confidence among customers and will act as a good customer retention strategy.

Do Not Hesitate to Say “Thank You”

Always try to thank your customer. You can send a “thank you” message after a purchase or in the form of a monthly email. The key point is a simple thanks goes a long way in building customer-business relations.

Give Them an Offer Before Their Subscription Period Ends 

If you want your customer to continue services with your company, then it is a good idea to give them an offer. It may be in the form of a discount or a free subscription. By doing so, they will not change their mind by trying another brand and will continue being your customer.  


Create an image that customers can relate to and trust your brand and your services. If they start trusting you, then they will not go for any other brand. This is one of the best strategies for customer retention/loyalty. This is a long-term method that will appeal to both new and existing clients. 

Referral and Reward

With this strategy, your customers are asked to refer your brand to one of their friends or family, and they receive a referral discount by doing so. This strategy helps in creating more audience for you. And by creating your audience, your main target should be customer satisfaction. They will be happy to be a part of your business and will also advertise you for good discounts.

Bottom Line

There are numerous customer retention strategies and they can work in many ways depending on the type of business you have and your target audience. Try to analyze your audience and take feedback that will help you find your problem areas and what changes they want from your brand, then create a strategy. Using these strategies will help your business and keep your clients happy.

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