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How Often Should I Advertise? Some Tips and Tricks on How to Promote your Business

September 2019

As a small business, making sales and running advertisements is a huge step in the progression of your company and reaching out to a wider audience. If people are not aware of your business then your business doesn’t exist to them. Promoting your business is an important hurdle to cross to make sure people know who you are and what you’ve worked hard to create.  

It’s critical to know all the different types of advertising you can use for your business – some may be stronger than others. If you are already aware of your targeted audience then how and when you reach out may be easier information for you to learn. Know where your audience normally gets its information. Do they prefer emails? Social media posts? In-person? Do your research and find out where to start promoting 

Here we’ll list a few ways you can start promoting your business!

Online Presence and Social Media 

Social media is a very popular and super effective place to promote your business. The world has become a lot smaller due to access to the internet. Information has become a lot easier to obtain and therefore makes a great place to begin promoting your business. It helps to cover your bases by making sure you have an account for your business on multiple, if not all, social media platforms. This includes websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and so many more. If you’re limited on the accounts you’d like to create for your company, simply look into your targeted audience and see which platforms they spend their time on. Look into how you want to advertise your business through these websites. Remember to keep these accounts active and continue to let people know what services you provide.

Alongside your social media post, you need to be sure to have a website for your business. This serves as your ‘home base’ online. Your business website will help keep in touch with your customers while providing them easier access to your services. Have a website for your company will also give a place for people to go to after your continual social media post. 

Email Campaigns

Emailing is a great way to keep in touch with your audience. You’ll be able to send promotional offers and deals through email, as well. Emailing, similar to social media outreach, is another effective way to promote your business. This is a beneficial way for a lot of businesses who get more foot traffic versus online traffic. Delivering the occasional reminder or newsletter helps keep your audience looking for more information. It’s a good tactic to keep emails flowing and constantly remind your audience on the deals to come.

Emailing could be favorable for your business especially around holiday events. Make sure you send out special deals and offers ahead of time so your customers have that time to prepare and make plans. Keep your emails fun and unique! It’s a good thing to stand out and allow your customers to remember who you are and the deals to come!

Promotional incentives

Promotional incentives is a great way to promote your company while also encouraging others to spend more money within your business. Finding out your demographic for your business will help you know what kind of promotions or giveaways work best for you. Consider having special deals on the items with your logo on them – this could be keychains, T-shirts, or cups. This could help boost profits for your business while not investing too much. 

Keep your targeted audience in mind while you create these promotions. Consider creating raffles and holding events! This will keep it fun while also promoting your business. 

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