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How Often Should You Update Your Website? Ways to Tell It’s Time

October 2019

Making sure your website is up-to-date is an important step in keeping your business current. Nowadays customers get a lot of their information through the internet. Customers spend a considerable amount of time researching different goods and services online before making a decision. Making sure your website is ready for an audience will help increase your website traffic and keep the online business flowing. 

Here we’ll list a few reasons to keep your website updated and the benefits it can bring. 

Your Audience

The point of your website is to help your customers learn more about your company. You want to make sure your audience can easily navigate your website quickly and efficiently. A customer that has a great experience on your website will more than likely return to learn or purchase more. The more of your audience that returns to your website – the more active your website becomes! This activity is beneficial for you by making your customers know you are an active company that is constantly improving. 

By updating your website you’re letting everyone know that you are trustworthy and care about your customers. This is especially helpful with your customer support team. Making sure your site is updated with the correct information only helps build that bond between customers and your business. 

Growth and Change in Your Business

It happens – change can be a great thing for business! Maybe you’ve changed your brand or your logo or maybe even had a fresh start with your company. Any time you go through a change or have a large growth as a company – it’s time to update that website. These changes are a great time to have a website redesign. It’s important to keep your website constantly updated and fresh. Since you’re already in the process of rebranding your company – go ahead and take that into your website. Make sure everything is updated with your staff, design and overall business information. 

Don’t forget your mobile devices! Be sure to make the necessary changes for your mobile platforms to make sure everything looks and feels the way you want. This is especially helpful if your company has grown a lot from what it previously was. Keep up with your audience by making sure as they grow and change so do you.  

Dip in Your Viewers

Different websites have different missions. Some are built solely to get all the information they can out there, while others may only focus on online shopping. However, all websites need an audience – if no one clicks to your website then you simply don’t exist online. It’s important to keep your audience coming back and to keep them happy. 

That being said, if your audience starts to become less and less it may be a sign to update your website. As previously mentioned, an audience wants to feel secure and make sure the place they visit, or even shop from, is active and safe. It’s also beneficial for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines love new and fresh content. A regularly updated website will help bring more traffic and boost your SEO in the process! Take the time this Fall season and work on getting your website up to date and ready for a productive end of the year!

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