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How to Create Content for your Website – 3 Ways to Help!

September 2019
3 Ways to Help Create Content Strategy for your Website

Are you in the process of creating a website for your business? Are you revamping your current website? The content strategy for your website is the magnet that helps bring in traffic – it’s a crucial step to have a strategy in plan. Here we’ll list ways to help build a strong client-focused content strategy for your website. 


It’s important to have a grasp on the who and why of your company. Once you are able to fully layout those questions to your customers – you then can lay it out on your website! The website for your business needs to be able to clearly relay the who, why and what of your company. Being able to explain the services of your business helps provide understanding and value to your audience. Identifying your business will help serve as a basis of content for your website. 

To be able to successfully reach your target audience be sure to keep this content relevant and direct. Without going into too much detail on the who and why of your company, try sticking to the point. The human attention span is very short and we like to know why we are here at your website relatively quickly. Everything you write and place on your website should have a purpose. 


We’ve mentioned in a previous blog how important it is to understand your target audience. When creating content for your website knowing your target audience is a must. When writing content for your website instead of thinking about what you want to say to your audience, think about what your audience wants to read. From thinking from the perspective of your targeted audience you’ll be able to create the content that they want to see and interact with. 

Your website should be able to answer any questions your targeted audience may have. Try creating personalized content that will be relevant to your viewer’s needs or wants. 


Once you decide which content you think works best for your brand remember to keep it easily readable! You want the content that you create and apply to your website to not only be easy to read, but also enjoyable. This includes having your content well written and not too long. Keeping your information shorter helps readers take in the information quicker and hold on to it longer.

You also want your website to visually flow by breaking up some of your content. You don’t want your audience’s eyes to get stuck on one thing and not know where to go or what to click on next. Make it easily navigable while also keeping all the content you think is important. Don’t forget about your mobile website! Be sure to test on multiple mobile devices so that your information is just as easily digestible as it is on your newly modified website.

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