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It’s Time to Stop Being Afraid of Starting Your Own Business – 3 Ways to Conquer Your Fear!

October 2019

As Halloween approaches, so does the end of the spookiest month of the year. October is the perfect time of the year to embrace your fears and fight them head-on – and what can be scarier than starting your own business! Probably clowns or spiders, but you can conquer those fears next year. 

Taking that leap and starting your own business can be very scary! As an independent owner, you get to create at your own pace. Not having to worry about the cultures and set ways of corporate life, you get to make your own! But first – you have to overcome that fear of failure or of the unknown. 

Prepare for Success

A good first step to overcoming your fear is to simply prepare! Prepare for everything, good and bad. Figure out all the ways this journey could go horribly wrong and then prepare for all the ways it can become a smashing success! A way you can plan through these possibilities is to work through a business plan. A business plan can help you fill in the gaps to help you prepare for the unknown future. 

Accept Failure 

With how much success is an option, so is the possibility of failure. It’s important to create a relationship with both possibilities. We’re not saying to prepare for failure as much as you prepare for success. However, understand that it may happen and to just have a plan of action. You have as much control over your starting business and you want to have. You are able to structure your business to any way you are comfortable with at first and as you grow so will your original system you created. Take each opportunity and learn something valuable from it. 

Get Excited

Starting a business is exciting! Keep that excitement and drive going as you continue preparing for your business. Remembering the core reason why you wanted to start your own business will be a big help for when you start getting more nervous. Get a good understanding of what you want your company to be and why – then get creative from there! 

Remember that it’s okay to be afraid. Maybe you’re afraid of the unknown, or the possibility of failure, or maybe the thought of being your own boss is a little overwhelming. You have the control to make this company any way you want. Keep prepared and have fun with it – this is your future you’re planning for after all.

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