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SEO Trends to Keep in Mind When Developing a Website in 2020

January 2020

The new year’s begun, and SEO is more relevant than ever. If you’re designing a new website for your business (or re-designing an old one), then it’s essential to follow key SEO trends that’ll help you get ranked in 2020.

At Reversed Out Creative, our Covington KY ad agency has made a list of the top 5 SEO trends every business should be mindful of, to ensure a successful 2020 website marketing strategy:

Keyword stuffing is no longer acceptable

Last year, Google changed a few of its website ranking rules. One of them had to do with the number of times a particular keyword could be used on a webpage. So, starting now, websites can’t contain the same keyword numerous times. This constitutes as keyword stuffing, and your website may be blacklisted by Google if you’re guilty of it.
To avoid this, write website content for people and not for crawlers. Allowing your keywords to fit into the content naturally is a great way to get started with online marketing.

Voice search is the next big thing

Consumer buying through voice assistants is expected to grow to 18% by 2022. Already, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Siri, Alexa, and a host of other voice assistants are being fine-tuned to meet global search trends. In fact, a lot of companies are SEO-optimizing their content to meet voice search queries to rank better.
2020 will see a continuation of this trend, and voice search is expected to grow bigger. So when designing your website, writing web content/tags/advertisements, choosing keywords and building backlinks, think voice.

Mobile SEO & UX become more important

Mobile marketing has indeed been around for a while. But mobile SEO and mobile UX are growing at an incredible rate.
Today, almost 88% of all searches happen on the smartphone. Website load speed, mobile SEO optimization, and UX (AMP-compatibility, graphics load speed, mobile navigation, etc.) are all becoming incredibly important.
One of Google’s ranking criteria is mobile & AMP compatibility. So, when designing your website, make sure you mobile-optimize it too.

Snippets have taken over the search engine

Featured snippets have slowly become one of the top SEO practices in the world today. 13% of Google’s top search results account for featured snippets. Plus, 28% of clicks on Google go to URLs that have featured snippets. If these numbers don’t encourage you to spend time building your rank and getting featured snippets for your website, we don’t know what will.
Tools like SEMRush, Aherfs, and other SEO websites are great at identifying your current SEO ranking and any keyword deficiencies with your website SEO. You can use this information to get a higher ranking and access snippets.

The ideal content length for ranking undergoes another change

A few years ago, short-form content under 750 words was ranking higher than 1000+ words content. In 2019, it was observed that blogs between 2000 and 2500 words ranked the highest.

But the case isn’t the same for 2020. According to experts, the ideal length of a blog post is 1,760 words. Also, ideally, the post must have a maximum read-time of 7 minutes.

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