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Voice May Be The Important Digital Advertising Strategy For 2020: Here’s Why

January 2020
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In a study conducted by PwC, it was found that 59% of 18-24-year-olds, 65% of 25-49-year-olds, and 57% of 50+-year-olds used voice search at least once a day. The number of people using voice assistants to search for information and to make their purchases is increasing every day. The study estimated that 55% of the households in the world will own a smart voice device by the year 2022. That’s why companies are integrating voice into their digital marketing and social media marketing strategy.

If you’re developing an online advertising campaign or indulging in web marketing, you should definitely optimize your websites and advertisements for voice. At Reversed Out Creative, we can help you design and implement a campaign that’s optimized for voice search.

Why should companies include voice as part of their digital advertising strategy? There are three primary reasons why companies should actively leverage voice search in their digital marketing campaigns: 

Search engines are championing voice 

One of the critical reasons for the expected rise in voice adoption in 2020 is the stance that search engines have taken. Take Google, for example, which has included mobile-based voice search as one of the primary criteria in its website ranking algorithm. 

Already 20% of all Google searches are voice, and this number is increasing at a tremendous pace. The case is the same across other search engines too. 

Comfort and convenience are key criteria for customers 

According to a study published in the Search Engine Journal, 25% of customers order everyday household items using voice assistants. Apparel and entertainment purchases come next. One of the primary reasons customers use voice search is convenience. From instant information searches to quick product tracking & ordering, voice supports everything and does it in half the time. 

In addition to this, is the immense customization that customers get from voice. Google Assistant and Alexa are built to differentiate and recognize different voices. Today, they are capable of providing personalized information and messages to each user of the device by tracking their voice and past searches.

Both of these are something that keyboard-based searches do not offer. 

Voice leads to higher conversions 

Studies show that 28% of prospects proceed to contact local businesses that they’ve searched for using voice. According to BIA/Kelsey, a marketing research and advisory company, the leads received through such calls generate 10X-15X higher revenue than that from website leads. Plus, call leads converted 30% faster than leads from the website; and they have a much higher retention rate as well. Together, these numbers prove how impactful voice search actually is for businesses. 

Additionally, voice search is relatively new. So, a lot of your competitors may not have implemented it yet. Your company could be one of the first movers to voice, making your brand more visible to prospects. 

Contact us for voice search optimized ad campaigns and websites At Reversed Out Creative, our Covington Kentucky ad agency has worked with many companies, helping them implement voice-optimized digital marketing campaigns. We know the latest voice SEO trends and best practices. We can get your banner ads and websites developed in no time. 

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