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3 Common Myths About Creating a Website for your Business

April 2019
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Have you ever been told not to swim after eating – as it may cause you to cramp? How about that swallowing your gum could take a full 7 years to digest? Though many people still believe these, and many other statements to be true – they’re actually myths!

Similar to the common myths we’ve all grown up on, there are a lot of myths about creating a website too! Here we’ll list 5 common myths people may have believed are true with creating your own website for your business.

“If You Build it, They Will Come”

Many people believe that just simply making a website will automatically bring visitors. The fact is there are a lot of websites on the internet, and it will be hard for viewers to find your website soon after you make one. One thing to keep in mind once you create your website is to continue promoting through social media where you can link to your page.

“Creating/Owning a Website is Expensive”

Knowing the different types of advertising you use for your company will help you understand how much money you will be spending. Compared to other advertising expenses, creating a website is incredibly affordable. Though you can go through the process of making your own website, we would recommend having your website professionally made. Having a professional help you can save you a lot of hassle in the future and prevent the possibility of something going wrong. At Reversed Out, we work with you to help you create that inspiring website at an affordable cost. Using a website can also offer a better return on investment compared to the other advertising options as well!

“Because I’m Not Selling My Product Online, I Don’t Need a Website”

Having a website is more than a platform to sell your items. The internet has helped in making our world smaller, making communication and connection that much simpler. Owning a website gives you a place to inform, interact, promote, communicate or even just have a place for your voice to be heard. Whether you want a website to sell or not, you are able to create a closer bond to your audience through your webpage.


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