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Coworking and the Future of Advertising

August 2016
Shared office space

Reversed Out has acquired a new bigger coworking space today in anticipation of our growth as a business. The difference is our growth is not based on adding more W2 employees like most companies. Our growth comes in the form of adding more complimentary creative business owner partners and bring them in-house.
Covworx agency coworking space
This new 20,000 sq. ft. coworking space offers Reversed Out an opportunity to add more talent. Senior freelance writers, designers, developers and marketing folks are the targeted demographic. The idea is to build on the macro trend of creative people working for themselves. They want to determine their own future in an industry well known for staff volatility.

The Problem in Advertising

People have found it hard to find comfort in their long-term employment prospects in advertising as well they should. Salary jumping is common in this industry as people hop from job to job looking for better pay. At some point the hopping stops when these employees reach a salary level that most agencies find hard to pay. This leads to trimming of the fat and the hiring of younger people to replace these high salary team members. Many of these senior level folks opt for freelancing but going it alone can be a huge risk and lack of camaraderie can wear on a creative person.

The Solution

This is where Reversed Out’s coworking model shines. Most of our staff is made up of these senior level creative folks looking to pick projects on their terms, be creative when they feel creative and determine their own future, not one tied to the success of their leaders ability to win new work.
We have dubbed our new coworking space Covworks after the city of Covington, Kentucky, our new location. With much more space we can bring in many more talented entrepreneurs. There’s even a commercial kitchen incubator on the ground floor. After filling up the space with more independent web design, writers, developers and videographers, Reversed Out can complete with agencies much larger that rely on huge expensive staffs to get things done.
We are much more agile as well as technology agnostic because we bring in talent on-demand and only charge for their time on the project. This eliminates the overhead associated with W2 workers sitting around waiting for work. Actually, many larger agencies leverage our talent to help when they lack the necessary resources. We are the wholesale creative team behind the scenes on many projects in the Cincinnati Metro area.
We are economically competitive with most freelancers you’ll find on the street’s prices but much more organized and reliable. Think of this new space as a mall of talent for whatever your company, startup or agency needs. We’re here to help and now we are even more prepared. Added bonus, it’s also cool that the building looks like a big castle. Come check us out at 1032 Madison Avenue, Covington, KY 41011 or email Adam at

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