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How To Build A Successful Customer Loyalty Program For Your E-Commerce Business

June 2022

Renowned e-commerce websites can deliver a steady income. Nevertheless, selling on your website has the possibility to produce repetitive business from devoted customers and nurture your brand. A customer loyalty program is an excellent way to earn the recurrence business of your clients and shape a strong bond that can develop into brand loyalty and even referrals.

What Are Loyalty Programs Used By E-Commerce Store Owners?

An e-commerce loyalty program is a purchaser retaining technique pitched toward keeping and fetching the attention of existing customers, so they will purchase in more quantities, shop more often, or interact with your brand more often. The best programs are convenient, show a clear path to higher benefits, and offer a fun practice!

The world of e-commerce sales is generally categorized by high buying frequency and equally good churn rates. Many businesses believe that customer loyalty no longer happens, and use profound discounts to distinguish by giving different methods. Nevertheless, this limitless value war has familiarized customers to search for the best price-cutting, which has made brand loyalty even tougher to accomplish. 

New upcoming e-commerce loyalty programs can create a dedicated public around your brand, by helping you be prominent in the following ways:

  • A new buying process, to make an online shopping impression whole
  • Incentivized customer reporting, to generate richer data and increases other marketing actions
  • Practical rewards and VIP profits, to increase the total customer lifetime worth
  • Special clubs, to build groups and underline individuality
  • Enticing social media competitions, to boost word of mouth and build faith

Why is a customer loyalty program crucial?

Here are some typical motives why cultivating a customer loyalty program is important:

  • Devoted clienteles are keener to spend their money with the particular brand because they support communication and make orders.
  • 78% of loyal customers are ready to spread the word to their friends and family. The common customers who have experience with a brand will have information about the quality of products and service, so they would like to exchange the information with their acquaintances. 
  • 90% of consumers prefer endorsements representing that Word-To-Mouth marketing is one of the most influential marketing strategies.

It always is more expensive to get a new customer than to retain existing ones. Hence, maintaining a connection with a present customer is less expensive than capitalizing on the new one. The following makes are important for any e-commerce business:

  • Assist in boosting sales

Business owners implement loyalty programs to improve customer preservation while consumers appreciate loyalty programs because they get added enticements and prizes. Consequently, using loyalty programs in marketing strategy provisions e-commerce businesses to encourage customers’ buying and increase revenue significantly at a given time.

  • Increase customer loyalty

Loyalty programs serve a two-fold purpose, pointing to both groups of consumers. Firstly, loyalty programs inspire new clients to be around after purchases are made. Secondly, with prevailing customers, loyalty programs ensure they are still being flattered as valued regulars.

  • Improves consumer’s experience

Applying a loyalty program is an elusive note to your existing and new customers that your business is not only concerned about earning money from each purchase but also would like to bring paybacks to customers to maintain a good association. 

  • Support market research

Beginning diverse loyalty programs can be the method to conduct, explore and learn more about customers’ intentions. Through this method, you will see the kinds of incentives and rewards which are tempting to consumers. Depending on which, you can attach the rewards suitably to increase its sales, or even you can develop a separate product based on the idea.

  • Pay to customer division

A very interesting benefit of loyalty programs is helping businesses segment clients and discover profitable and unprofitable among them. In one aspect, loyalty programs help stores find a type of consumer who only buys products with a discount rate. The type of customers nearly generates no profits for the store. Therefore, store owners can concentrate on directing toward profitable customers.

How to build customer loyalty in 7 simple steps:

Customer loyalty isn’t something that happens without deliberate effort. Here are 7 steps to build customer devotion.

  • Know your audience 

To promote customer loyalty, you’ll need to get private with your clientele. Learn their names, their needs, and their buying ways. Treat each one as a person, not as just an additional remunerative way. To start with, on a customer’s birthday, you could send them a tailored birthday note with a special deal. You should also send them emails you know would precisely appeal to them.

The marketing team should focus on truly getting to know their customers so they can anticipate their needs, resolve their problems, and bring quality results worthy of a referral. By taking the time to understand the customer – maybe they need more space for remote learning, a roomy place to fit an increasing family you can provide better references and help make their lives comfortable by bringing their vision to life.

For your consumer to have faith in your brand, you’ll have to share evidence about yourself and your business. For example, keep them updated on any business news before it’s out in the press, and don’t be terrified to admit to rough patches. This will help customers see the humanity of your brand, making them more contented about doing business with you.

  • Introduction of a loyalty program

A customer loyalty program is a good way to inspire and recompense loyal customers. These methods characteristically have standards for rewards (like the buyer must spend X sum every month), but the paybacks for the customer usually balance these conditions.

There are various types of buyer loyalty programs, such as credit card methods, punch cards, and point systems. What they all have in common is the enticement for customers to spend more money on your products or services.

Contemplate Starbucks, for instance. When you connect loyalty program, you get points each time you buy an item from its menu. When you reach a converted number of stars, you get a free buying. This helps clients feel right in their purchases, as they are working toward a prize, they might not get somewhere else.

  • Referral program

Like a loyalty program, a referral program plunders customers for their visit to a particular e-commerce store. In this case, customers obtain certain paybacks if they refer your company to a friend or loved one. This not only helps entice new buyers (referral marketing is both effective and reasonable) but also keeps your present customers coming back for more, as they now have enticements to do business with you.

  • Play to your strengths and values

What does your business do best? What are your exclusive offerings? What do you worth most? Your answers to these questions will help you define your brand, which is an important part of enticing loyal customers. To categorically connect with buyers, you have to stay factual about your brand and focus on what you do best. 


Be a continuous in your market a business that consumers can always depend on to deliver. They say, fixing the broken things is always difficult. Unless you are having distress appealing to and recalling customers, don’t switch your products or service to become partial as a brand. In its place, stay as trustworthy to your occupation as you’d want your customers to be.

  • Make the best use of social media

Social media is a great way to shape healthy relationships with your clients. In fact, if you aren’t present on social media, many consumers will observe you as questionable. It’s vital to have a business presence on various social media platforms as your audience is always connected with social media and your existence is required to gain their confidence.

Sharing internal information about your brand and products or services, as well as building relationships with your followers, will create a powerful online community that inspires clients to come back for more. The companies you regularly do business with and how they present themselves on social media, talk a lot about the brand. Do their posts reflect their aim to viewers? Does their brand line up with their reflected ethics and offerings? Do they participate with their visitors in a faithful manner? 

  • Boost customer feedback

To show your customers how much you are worth to them and how you are eager to continuously improve, request their feedback. Release surveys, request email reviews, and be open to the feedback you obtain. Customers are more willing to invest in businesses that have space for their suggestions and perceptions. It’s not enough to say you care about the client but rather device customer feedback and market it to them as a symbol of your devotion. To nurture their loyalty, you must be faithful to them initially.

Take your customer feedback very seriously, use that feedback to grow your business, and then let them know that they are being heard and apply solutions to give them a better understanding and assurance. It’s important that when you are following their suggested ideas to let them know that you are listening and are ready to make developments.

  • Stock customers’ data

Industries that store purchaser data make it easier to analyze and forecast more efficiently for future strategies. For example, you could allow members to produce an account on your mobile app or website that securely stores their shipping and expense information for quick buying. That way, they have fast access rather than having to re-add their credit card info whenever they want to make a purchase.

Consider reputed e-commerce stores, for instance. Major membership purchasers can make orders by merely selecting “buy now” under the anticipated product. User-friendliness like this can possibly inspire regulars to make frequent purchases from your e-commerce store.


Various Kinds Of Customer Loyalty Programs:

  • Points Program

This program is probably the most convenient method in e-commerce stores and is also liked by clients. The concept of this method is easy, if you spend more, you will get more points. Every time a buyer makes a purchase at your e-commerce store, they will get a certain number of points depending on the total order value. These collected points can be transformed into specific prizes, which could be money or gifts.

  • Referral Program

Why hunt down new clients all by yourself when your devoted existing clients can help do that for you more effectively?

You can give incentives to devoted regular customers to become promoters by offering them a striking prize for client referrals. Research shows that 75% of clients are more probable to endorse your brand if it has a good loyalty program. This means that if your proposal is good enough, clients will be happy to take the time to spread your business to other possible clients like friends, family, neighbors, etc.

  • Good Cause Programs

Serving back to the community is good by being just human and is similarly good for businesses. A great way to substitute customer loyalty is to offer additional paybacks for shopping with your e-commerce store, for instance, doing a greater good like helping NGO or any associated organization like UNESCO or American Red Cross. Good Cause Programs like planting trees for every purchase can be very enticing for a purchaser who is more cautious about environmental conservation. Mindful consumers will think exceedingly of your business and will spread the word about these programs because of their selfless nature.

  • The Membership Program

Similar to the idea of a loyalty program, there is a sense of extravagance or exclusiveness when a business introduces VIP incentives. By announcing a VIP membership program, clients are invited to subscribe to your company’s email or SMS in exchange for improved product collection or user-friendliness. Not only will your clients be more attracted to your novel offerings, but they’ll get notices each time they check their email or phone messages.

  • The Tier-Level Program

This method is a more fun-filled and charming way to build loyal clients. What about swaying your customers to be on your loyal member list by inducing them with numerous badges or level selections? It certainly is intriguing! This method is trailed by marketers. They set up the program at different levels and prize badges on the attainment of levels providing rewards after passing some basic levels.

  • The Community Program

Community programs are extremely effective for businesses as they can entice local clients. In the last year, it’s common to see how an e-commerce store can impact its clients when it makes itself a way to connect with users. Some samples are family-owned gyms offering Zoom classes to make customers feel more included or having bakeries pop up in local flea markets. These are steps businesses can use to build client loyalty and social bonding as well.

  • The Subscription Program

To understand the fact that the subscription method is one of the best customer loyalty programs that offer no concessions or coupons, rather the users are made to purchase the service for a definite time duration that they require the service. The subscribers have to pay for the subscription package they are choosing for. Having a strong willingness to join you for a definite time shows the brand loyalty of customers too.

  • The Reward Card Program

The easiest way to build loyalty to an e-commerce store method and maintain it is by having a Reward Card-based program. People also mention this program as a Spend program. The simple work behind this idea is offering reward cards to the clients for their promoted shopping involvement. Like, the company works together with various banks to run loyalty e-commerce plans. Customers of certain banks having Debit or Credit card transactions are constantly provided with offers. 

  • The Game-Based Program

Games-based loyalty programs are full of fun substitutes to keep your buyer’s adrenaline rush eventually promoting you. For example, by organizing game events in regular periodic intervals or a sequence with level-up aims. Such games can be hard to plot initially. It keeps the inspiration level high amid competitive clients.

  • The Hybrid Program

This loyalty program is the collection of two or more buyer loyalty programs combined into one. For instance, the most common method of having a hybrid loyalty program is the gathering of points and rewards plans with a level-based program.

The Bottom Line

E-commerce businesses must understand the benefits of customer loyalty which is essential for business growth. It needs to be nurtured through constant energy and dedication while at the same time, sustaining the customer’s requirements and making them feel valued. The fact is that loyal clients are the foundation of constant revenue as they will not only shop but also bring new clients to your brand. By leveraging the aforementioned strategies, you can increase your sales figure.

If you have any questions about incorporating loyalty programs into your business, feel free to contact us.

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