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How to Have a Great Summer for Your Small Business!

July 2019

The sun is beaming, fireworks are lighting up the night sky, and all the local pools have become increasingly busy– that must mean summer is here! Although summertime is full of warm weather and vacations, it also brings slower business to companies. The laid back attitude summer brings can make business a little more challenging for small business owners. Instead of fighting against these summertime blues, try to turn it around for the better and have a productive summer for you and your team!


Minds start to wander during summer which makes it a little harder to be productive – so go with it! Become more flexible with your team. Consider allowing “Casual Fridays” to help get the creativity flowing through your company, while also keeping it relaxing. 

It’s also beneficial to let your employees have a flexible schedule during the summer too! Allowing your team to have days off to go on vacation or just to enjoy the summer heat can help encourage a stronger company. It’s always important to take a step back from your busy schedule to help recharge your creative mindset and come back refreshed and ready to work!


Summer is the perfect time to do any rethinking or reassessing. Have you been wanting to change up anything within your business? Maybe your design? Your company’s name? Maybe take a look at the spending habits of your business? Take this downtime to sit with your team and go over anything you haven’t been able to do yet, or to review how your company has been doing so far this year. 

Summer is the perfect time to be creative and fun within your company! Encourage your team to be more social and creative by introducing summer activities. Maybe hold small contest through social media, or hold relaxed team meetings to help brainstorm new ideas. Consider having a company outing to help bring everyone together and connect with each other! Don’t let this summer pass you by, take advantage of the time with your company and enjoy that summer breeze! 

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