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What Are The Best Keyword Clustering Tools?

May 2022
Keyword clustering tools

Keyword clustering is a trending subject matter. Keyword clustering is the process of clustering keywords into themes that are relevant to your website pages.

If done properly, this technique can help your website develop tremendously. Let’s dive into our guide and find out how:

The Strengths of Keyword Clustering 

Keyword clustering offers you several advantages in your content formation. These are as follows:

  • Better understanding of your audience: Topic-targeted search engine optimization gives a greater thorough reaction to users. While you integrate all comparable phrases, you keep in mind what your audience is searching for instead of using basic keywords.
  • Amplify the count of key phrases to rank for:  With clusters, you can rank for numerous associated key phrases as opposed to each separate query.
  •  Delete inessential key phrases: Clustering makes a massive listing of key phrases feasible and comprehensive. This allows you to leave out irrelevant queries.
  •  Acknowledge the potential of segments: Clusters you obtain as a result will assist you to recognize how distinct portions of content material are or need to be associated his technique will allow you to see your web page from the perspective of a search engine and compare the categories you have or should have.
  • Create a  powerful web page shape or look into the prevailing one: Clustering allows you to study the semantic relationships between your pages and design the architecture of your web page.
  • Increase the visibility and authority of your web page: By grouping keywords, you may be able to better understand the semantics and increase the subject matter of your content. Potent, which, in its turn, will make your internet site authoritative in the eyes of search engines.
  •  Save time and do away with errors:  If executed automatically, keyword clustering offers you all of the above-noted advantages fast and efficiently. 

Besides those advantages, keyword clustering not directly enables you in coping with your internet site. As you could hyperlink one institution to many others, you could create a plethora of internal link building, making the technique of seek engine bots slinking your internet site.

A lot of you are not prepared to begin keyword clustering, the technique is easy, and you could do it manually. You just have to pass statistics from your favoured search engine optimization and keyword research tools inclusive of Ahrefs and SEMRush to excel, Then institution the with the reputedly identical seek content material collectively.

However, I will now no longer advise you to try this manually because the work may be monotonous. Instead, I will suggest you operate keyword clustering tools. This gear could make your work automatic so you can lay out a while elsewhere.

Within a few time, your keyword might be grouped and prepared to apply. The final results might be that those keyword clustering tools will save a lot of time.

So, without losing time now we will be speaking keyword clustering tools, we have executed entire studies concerning all of the tools.


Serpstat is a high search engine optimization device that gives functions that help to construct keyword businesses and clusters to improvise your web page’s content material shape.

Separate clusters might be shaped from a given set of key phrases which include short-tail and long-tail key phrases. This platform considers each conceptual and keyword purpose and as many as 30 pinnacles seek listings all through the introduction technique so that the final result is correct.

You also can adjust the settings in keyword clustering. For instance, you could pick the clustering stage from weak, medium, and hard. The diploma of customization isn’t as excessive as ranking, you continue to have the privilege to amend modifications to view the numerous final results.

The exceptional component is that Serpstat can inspect your posted posts and create keyword businesses applicable to that page. Hence, You can without any issues keep away from the disassemble troubles, and construct a sturdy web page shape.


Currently, Serpstat gives 4 plans for clients to assume as follows:

  •  Lite – $69 monthly
  • Standard – $149 monthly
  • Advanced – $299 monthly
  • Enterprise – $499 monthly

You can group as many as 1500 key phrases in the lite plan. This number will surge consequently as you improve your plan. All plans will additionally produce other search engine optimization functions inclusive of keyword studies, back-link analysis, web page audit, rank tracking, etc.

According to my experience, 1500 key phrases consistent with a month are ways too low, mainly if you have a massive listing of key phrases(one short-tail, widespread keyword seek as a bicycle ought to create heaps of keyword variations).

So, it might be higher in case you select at the least a trendy plan which incorporates 6000 key phrases consistent with the month. Otherwise, ensure you operate your quota of phrases handiest to people who outline your niche.

In case you want to search volume data then you need to pay an extra amount. You can contact them for further pricing issues.


  •  Collect statistics as many as 30 pinnacles seek queries
  •  Examine any posted posts and generate topical clusters applicable to that page.
  • Can alter keyword grouping
  • Take each linguistic and personal purpose into account
  • Keyword Clustering consists of everyday search engine optimization plans(no more payment).


  • You need to spend greater on seeking quantity statistics.
  • Serpstat’s person interface isn’t person-friendly.

SE Ranking’s Keyword Grouper

This is a remarkable search engine optimization device that offers keyword clustering amongst its a couple of options. If you’re looking for an authentic tool to work this task for you, SE Ranking is certainly the exception.

SE Ranking’s keyword grouper is likely one of the superior keyword clustering tools and is likewise correct.

In the clustering technique, SE Ranking will collate the primary ten seek results. If they’ve comparable seek listings, SE Ranking will group them beneath the same subject matter, then repeat the identical technique for all of the left key phrases.

This device additionally mentions the count on identical search listings to enhance clustering accuracy. 

For instance, you could set the minimal quantity of matching URLs to four, so the handiest key phrases that display greater than four comparable URLs belong to the group.

The exciting component is SE Ranking permits specifying the grouping. Therefore, you could select the search engine you need, country, location, and the language for keyword clustering.

You also can create key phrases for non-English key phrases so it’s far the exceptional clustering device for multilingual websites.

You can without problems import statistics from any source, which includes search console, Google keyword planner, Google, and different search engine optimization gear inclusive of Ahrefs and SEMRush.


There is a paid plan to apply the SE Ranking keyword grouper. The most inexpensive viable pricing begins at $18.60 month-to-month. Further, you’ll additionally need to pay separately $0.004 consistent with the keyword to apply for the keyword grouper.

For example, If you’ve got got a listing of a thousand key phrases, clustering they all might value you four dollars which aren’t very low and now no longer very excessive. If you need to go looking for quantity on all character key phrases you need to pay extra money $0.005 which is greater than grouping key phrases.

For me, this upload isn’t obligatory, mainly while you add your keyword listing( from different search engine optimization gear inclusive of SEMRush) which already has a few search quantity statistics.


  • User-friendly
  • Can institution non-English key phrases
  •  Authentic keyword clustering gears
  •  Fully correct the clustering to suit the location, language, etc.


  • The statistics of search quantity are expensive
  • Users need to pay greater to apply the device as a few characteristics are not protected in everyday plans.

Surfer search engine optimization’s Content Planner

Surfer search engine optimization is a search engine optimization content material optimization device. Its makers have brought new capabilities, which permit customers to do a completely automatic method to generate subject matter clusters. As a surfer search engine optimization customer, I use this keyword clustering device the maximum in actual life.

The work is simple. Firstly, You want to position the principle keyword. This keyword needs to be standard and broad. According to me, it can be a first-rate subject matter of class which you suggest covering on your website.

In my case, it is “Guest Hosting” Within a minute or so, your content material planner can be ready. The surfer search engine optimization created a hundred and sixty clusters surrounding the keyword “Guest Hosting”. It has taken care of those subjects with connections through default. However, you could additionally kind through the quest quantity.

You can be crushed through the sheer matter of subjects. This will now no longer be a trouble due to the fact you could clear out them through search intent.

Every keyword can have month-to-month search quantity statistics together with it. You want now no longer must pay more like SE Ranking or Serpstat. On the turn side, it does now no longer provide data on how they group key phrases. Nevertheless, the final results seem to be applicable. The maximum famous keyword ( with the most sought quantity) for the subject will act as the subject name.

You can then shape a content material editor to enhance it together with different key phrases on the subject. The simplest demerit is that you can not import outside statistics. It is necessary to use the statistics derived from the device of internet search engine optimization keywords, it is genuine. Other gears like Ahrefs provide you with numerous key phrases. 


The plan begins at $29 according to the month. You can gain access to too many different features of surfer search engine optimization, inclusive of the content material editor, SERP Analyzer, and lots greater.

There aren’t any hidden charges. This is all you need to pay. In case you’re simplest inquisitive about keyword clustering then the plan fits you properly. Surfer search engine optimization does now no longer offer a loose trial however offers a 7-day money-returned guarantee.


  • Easy to apply
  • Precise effects with accurate seek a motive and seek quantity
  • Group more than one key phrase a lot fast than different gear
  • No hidden charges
  • Integrate properly with its content material optimization device.


  • Cannot personalize keyword clustering method
  • Cannot add very own listing of key phrases

 WriterZen’s Keyword Explorer

WriterZen is a newcomer in an exceedingly aggressive content material optimization industry. The device’s consciousness is to assist content material authors to optimize their content material, and also offers a remarkable keyword grouping device with extraordinarily sumptuous sources.

The utilization is straightforward; you simply want to apply it as a conventional device. After a few times, your subject matter organizations can be ready. Similar to different keyword clustering tools, WriterZen contrasts results on Google SERPs, so I am now no longer amazed to peer that the effects are accurate.

The high-quality component is that every individual key phrase in each subject matter includes wealthy statistics, inclusive of trends, PPC competition, Monthly seek quantity, CPC, and Title ratio.

On the opposite hand, the device has the identical downside as that of Surfer search engine optimization so that you can not import your key phrases for WriterZen to cluster them for you. Thus, the matter of subjects may be constrained as WrirterZen’s keyword statistics are perhaps a bit smaller than different search engine optimization gear.


They have  paid plans that are:

  • Premium -Forty-nine dollars per month
  • Platinum- Seventy dollars per month

You can group as many as 250000 key phrases according to a month in a top rate plan and one million platinum plan. In my opinion, they’re ways greater than enough for content material marketers.

All plans consist of content material quick introduction and subject matter discovery, which might be beneficial in developing high-rating content material.


  • Accurate and speedy effects
  • Clean consumer interface
  • User-friendly and economical
  • Each key-word is prepared with wealth statistics


  • Unable to import the set of keywords to the institution on the site. 

Final Thought

Keyword grouping lets you prepare your content material, make its experience greater applicable to your audience, and enhance your seek engine rating. And whilst you may undergo a listing of masses or lots of associated key phrases to prepare them yourself, having a device do it for you — and perhaps even cope with different search engine optimization(SEO) tasks — is a far savvier option. Keyword grouping is all part of a site-extensive search engine optimization audit.

Before choosing the keyword clustering tools, ensure to do your homework, this means evaluating all of the plans, and your organization’s necessities and checking all of the technical problems and ease to apply the device. GIve a test at the variety of results and the matter of key phrases which you get in a plan you choose.

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